Gearscore vs. Tiers

Hello adventurers!
I’m new to Lost Ark, but what I found quite confusing is GS and T sorting of items.
What I mean is that I am wearing random items dropped during leveling which are Tier 1, but as I search through marketplace I can’t find any T1 available for my level. What I see are waaaaaay higher GS items marked as Tier 1. Is it raid tier, or whatever, that makes difference from world dropped items?

You don’t wanna get your gear from marketplace, super not worth!! You can, and should, always earn your gear.
Currently there’s 3 levels in every tier. I’m not sure what the exact cutoff is but in general it works like this:
Tiers have 3 sets of gears, blue “rare”, purple “epic”, yellow “legendary”. You will always start off with blue gear which you will get from the Chaos dungeons once you’ve completed the quest line in the continent. When those drop, make sure you select one of each gear piece (6 in total) and try to pick the highest quality for each. In order to equip the next level, you will need to reach an overall gear score, achieved through honing.
Important note ALWAYS TRANSFER your gear!! When you go from blue to purple and purple to yellow, go to the “gear transfer” option at the honing NPC and transfer over your old gear to the new ones.

For Tier 1 purple and yellow gear, you will need to do the Abyssal dungeons when you’ve reached the appropriate level and get the loot. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to craft the next level gear from the crafting NPC that is next to the honing NPC.
For Tier 2, it’s the same.
For Tier 3, you’ll get your purple gear from Chaos dungeons as well. You can get optional purple gear from the Abyssal dungeon or you can just wait and get the yellow gear from Argos.


Wbiłeś już lvl 50? Dopóki nie wbijesz lvl 50 nie masz co zaglądać do AH.
Gra leci tak: levelujesz postać do 50 (soft cap), potem zamiast levelować postać musisz levelować gear (czyli GS czy tam ilvl), który dostaniesz z Chaos Dungeonów.

Tiery to takie rozdziały w grze, nie ma najmniejszego sensu żebyś cokolwiek kupował, chyba, że akcesoria na późnym T3 (1370+ GS). Spokojnie możesz przejechać całą grę do T3 na tym co Ci dropnie z chaosów/guardian rajdów/abysalów.

zaczynasz grę, levelujesz do 50 levela postaci, wbijasz 50, zaczynasz nabijać gear score żeby móc odblokować kolejne questy:

0-50 LVL Luterra → T1 Vern, Anikka, Arthentine, Shushire (240 - 460 GS) → T2 Rohendel, Yorn, Feiton (600 - 1100 GS) → T3 Punika, South Vern (1302+)

W międzyczasie robisz 2x dziennie chaos dungeona, 2x dziennie guardian raidy.

Jak to Twoja pierwsza postać nie zapomnij skorzystać z tego eventa na levelowanie Super Express, przyspieszy Ci to sprawę.

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Thank you for a simple straight forward explanation.

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The random drops from dungeons and leveling is not T1. T1 starts when you are done leveling to 50 and either do chaos dungeon in Vern to get random 302 item level drops or finishing the story all the way through shushire which will give you a box of 302 gear for each slot.

Here’s the way gear score, tiering, and leveling works:

Level to 50 while making your way through luterra, tortoyk, Anika, Stern, and then Vern

Then you may do chaos dungeon or finish Shushire for your first set of “end game” gear, this is the beginning of T1 progression. You home/upgrade that gear from now on instead of replacing it new drops.

Reach item level 460 to unlock Rohendel
Reach item level 600 to unlock Yorn

After finishing Yorn you unlock T2 chaos dungeons which drop 802 item level gear which you can gear transfer your old gear into giving a free upgrade right off the bat.

Reach item level 960 to unlock Feiton
Reach item level 1100 to reach Punika

After Punika you unlock T3 chaos dungeon just like after Yorn. It drops 1302 gear.

Reach item level 1340 to unlock south vern.

That’s pretty much it. There are abyssal dungeons and guardian raids along the way too and at 1370 you unlock the abyssal raid Argos which is the current end of progress until next week when Valtan comes out which is 1415 for normal and 1445 for hard. Good luck on your journey!

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Thank you for replies! I would love to mark more than 1 as solution, all were helpful.

This is simply untrue, but don’t worry so much about perfecting your gear until mid t3 (1370+). Buying from the market in t1/2 is fine but don’t spend a lot of gold here as you will always replace these relatively quickly (look for anything under 100g). Prioritize stats over perfect engravings. This can give you a nice power boost if you want to get through content faster.

Rarity (color) of gear is also ilvl dependent so you can’t purchase all T1 gear once you hit 302 for example, just blue or purple.

Thanks for your reply! I have abither question tho… What is “ivl trade restriction” in marketplace? :smiley:


It means you need to reach that ilvl to buy or trade that item. It’s pretty much how they prevent you from equipping it ahead of time.

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