Gem lv 10 prices will change in the future?

based on the korean server, will the price of gems decrease over time?

currently a lv 10 gem from cdr costs 200k

if bots get out of control yes. if AGS keeps up ban waves. no

here in my server don’t have bots (south america)

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do you know the price of gems in kr?

bots actually lowered the gem prices, they’ve gone up since

they will go up and down depending on the state the game is in.

In our case it also depends how much AGS succeeds in diminishing the bot effects.

With bots the gem prices become lower, as long as bots are banned the materials/gem prices will go back up.

Best time ever for me to go “I wanna join the level 9 damage gem club” and started saving for one

I can buy one now, but the amount of silver I’d have to possibly spend to reroll and I still might not get the ability I need is disheartening

Shoulda woulda coulda, oh well

Gem prices in general rise with inflation. (gold loses its value gems- the way it is now with so many bots pumping gold in the economy). So i would avoid buying lvl 10 gems when blue crystals are expensive. I will buy lvl 10 gems when they drop golden frog because this npc lowers the inflation (therefore gold becomes more valuable) or around soft resets (like brel normal because people start honing and a lot of the gold from the economy as well as mats are deleted)

Good question. I’d bet after all legion bosses, where we encounter kharmine/ armen/ their boss when gem lvl goes up too.

LOL what?

Newsflash there is no inflation. The market is based on supply and demand. Before the frog is out gems were CHEAPER because bots were farming them (More SUPPLY). They literally have 4600 pages full of level 1 - 2 gems that are sold for 2 gold each.

Same reason why the marketplace is exploding right now. Remember that fish that is 1 - 10 gold because bots were fishing.

They are now 55g in NA-W

This doesn’t matter the bots have been producing gold for the past 10 months and it’s gonna take some time until this gold is removed from the economy. Until then everything will be inflated in price. Fish price atm doesn’t matter at all. Bots come and go but the gold they generate stays for the most part.

mate I don’t think you know that as rampant as the bot situation wasin NAW, player gold was probably still more.

There is 130k gold generated from a roster of 6 each week right now, that is how many workstation working for those gold quests each week?

Supply is low, simple as that, everytime there is a ban wave fish goes up, gem goes up.

Dude, you have no idea where the gold is going to land. No idea how much “gold” is out there.

Since we don’t have standard regulated pricing, anyone can manipulate the marketplace which is again against the law when we talk about commodities in almost every securities exchange IRL, that means anyone with gold can buy the supply and post it at a significantly higher rate.

I’m just telling the bots actually decrease the value of whatever they script onto. Gems, Engravings, Fish, any tradeskill materials they will script. Bots are still working on Chaos Dungeons they are still 1 - 80g lvl 2 gems in NA-W.

Removed from the economy? Dude the reason why we get inflation in real life is that any printed money is paid with an interest. We don’t have banks here. Nor any standard pricing. Stop repeating the Twitch b.s.

Two things can be true at the same time, one does not necessarily mean the other is false. Bots lower the prices in general of most AH bulk commodities. That doesn’t mean that inflation can’t also factor into pricing.

Your prices are a bit inaccurate. Prior to the start of frog (even with ample bots) level 10 annihilations averaged 980-1mill at peak. Major bot ban waves did not occur till after golden frog had ended yet price of gems during frog diminished all the way down to an average of 450-480k for annihilations. Post bot ban wave prices have gone up for gems showing what you are saying about bots providing supply causing the gem prices to rise which is true as well, but that doesnt negate that inflation occurs.

Also fish prior to bots have been at 12g if we’re talking 4 months ago and 28g if we’re talking about anywhere within the past 2 months not 1-10

(These are NAW price based)

There are no bot ban waves nor changes when the bots are controlling the gems market. Even to this date where they can’t fully automate bots in the open areas they sitll have bid process of 1 to 80 gold pricing.

What is our inflation rate in NA-W? I really want to know. Again we don’t have standard pricing. If someone like me is saving for an Artist and willing to spend millions of gold in the initial week of her release. Did I create “inflation”? The point is anyone can increase the pricing if they are willing to buy out materials and sell at a scalper’s price. “Market flippers” exist, generally it won’t happen in an inflated market with standard pricing. Look at Russian oil it won’t go up to the standard pricing the EU set, some are willing to pay “close to it”.

If you are looking at the real reason why there is MIN and MAX buyout is that people want to take advantage if there is a whale, spender, or someone desperate enough to buy at a max price (to either complete their engravings or accessories) they will do so. It doesn’t mean oh there is inflation when it sold max price, there is nothing going on if it sold for min. Do you get this?

A similar scenario with the lvl 2 is bid for 2 gold all the way 80g no one is stopping anyone from spending 80g for these lvl 2gems. It doesn’t mean there is inflation when it hits 80g… but if it sold 2 gold that means it “deflated”. That thing doesn’t make any sense.

BTW this is NA-W

If you want an honest opinion players should buy that cooldown gems especially if it is a skill that you don’t need to reroll for silver. The most savings you can do while the bots are controlling the market and players are low bidding it is around 170k gold.

Ik you took the time to have a detailed response but I’d like to ask about this first before responding to the rest because I have no idea what you’re saying here. Are you saying the minimum bid dictates what the item is currently worth on average? Minimum bid has nothing to do with the items value, you can look at the “recent price” tab to see what those items are actually sold for and currently they are ALL sold consistently for 72-74g. I could put up a 100 quality igniter ring for 1g starting bid and someone could get lucky maybe the end duration is at a weird time and yoinks it for 200g. That doesnt mean the item itself is worth 200g. I’m confused on why minimum bid is coming up

Upon thinking I’ve found a way to summarize my wordy paragraph:
The buy out price usually reflects the bid end price anyway… so I dont feel the starting bid is relevant

Dude, I did buy some of those lvl 2 gems for 2 gold each. If you are saying the “recent” or “average” price is how you calculate inflation… in an unregulated no standard pricing economy. That is just wrong. You are technically saying I can create inflation at any given time if I buy out all the items in the marketplace and sell them at a high price.

The best mathematical solution is: It’s ME cutting the supply creating a massive demand for my items. Similar if I bought all the tickets and I’m out there selling them at a higher price. Or bought a lot of graphics card 3000 series and selling it at a higher price. The price change with this value is NOT INFLATION. You are not obligated at all to buy my items, you will not die if you didn’t buy it.

That is why you see Market Flippers in-game (including me) taking advantage of a non-regulated, no inflation or standard pricing. If it’s "inflated with standard pricing (which is part of the mathematical solution to know what is the inflation rate really is) I can’t resell them similar to why Russian oil can’t be sold higher than 60+ per barrel.

Do you understand what standard pricing is? Still waiting for that inflation rate in NA-W.

I’ve read through all of your things now and I think I understand your major point. Let me restate it to make sure I understand plz correct if innaccurate:

Your main point is that you are saying there is a difference between prices increase due to supply not meeting demand vs gold diminishing in value. You are saying the prior is not “inflation” but rather the gold diminishing in value is.

However, even from this angle, in almost all types of economical evaluations, prices are determined by what the average demographic is willing to pay for an item not what you can get them for with some offhand deal. But that aside lets look at the market during frog, the bot activity was relatively stable because no bot ban waves occured during the golden frog. So then what would you call the massive decrease on average with gems going from 900k average buy to 500k average buy? Would you say that is different to deflation even though there is no change in supply?

200k is honestly cheap