Gem lv 10 prices will change in the future?


I sell 1-2 level 7 gems every week, rolled for sync skill. They take on average 10 attempts at worst, so roughly 1m silver.

Then my friend pays me to roll a perfect swing for him.

FOURTY THREE ROLLS. The average cost for gem rerolling is 300g for each 100k silver. So this costed him almost 12k, while a level 7 gem is sitting at 16k.

and thats just for level 7, so 90k each tap. Imagine that shit happening on lvl 9 / 10 :joy:

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The idea is that generally most of items are much more expensive due to much more gold being present in the economy. This has been explained to you repeatedly and it shouldn’t be reiterated 25 times for any person to understand. That is pretty much beyond debate as it can be looked up and verified very easily.

I have asked you what other terms we should be using instead of inflation and you literally just quoted the definition of inflation. I also asked you other things like an alternative formula to calculate price changes for an item over time but yet failed to provide anything of value or constructive.

It seems like that you are really struggling to understand and accept some extremely basic concepts and observations or are really just trying hard to be a contrarian while not being able to articulate any alternative viewpoints that can be considered reasonable or valid. You like to argue with other people that’s your thing if someone says the sky is blue you will say it’s green. Yeah I get it.

If you are talking about a value that increases from generally outside sources like cryptocurrencies, stocks, NFTs, and almost every security you can come up with. You won’t say using your mathematical formula that my bitcoin “inflated” or “deflated”. Similar to Blue Crystals since generally the price is coming from an outside source. See according to this formula

The formula applies where it needs to or associate with. I can’t say hey my bitcoin deflate right now… please help.

I would say a gamer that enjoys playing and doesn’t mind paying is “investing” in their hobbies. I would say similar to collectors. I never been into virtual items… so technically they are just putting money where it has some value to the buyer.

Can’t you just say my stocks are up or down? A loss or gains? I bought a lot of fish in the game now it’s “up”. I made a lot of gains with my fish investments. Don’t be pretentious about “inflation” where you clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

This is exactly what I was getting at. If I have no idea what I’m talking about and you know better then why are you unable to show the correct formula or - when asked - why were you not able to give a definition of inflation? Why are you not able to suggest an alternative term to inflation if it is not inflation? Then you answered we should use “rising prices” instead of inflation when that’s what inflation actually means. Now your suggestion is to use “stocks are up” or “gains” it is actually proper ridiculous that you think referring to rising prices as inflation is stupid but saying “stocks are up” isn’t. You lost every bit of credibility that you had left with that one I’m afraid.

Man it just sucks that it costs that much silver to reroll

“But just sell it and buy the one you need”

Doesn’t work for a lot of classes because there really isn’t any to buy

And if there miraculously is, then good luck being there to buy it, especially anything higher than level 7 at this point

It punishes players for not choosing popular classes that have more players to sell more gems and only leads further into “meta chasing”

It’s an issue I hope they look at in the future, because at this stage in the game there’s really no reason for it to cost so much anymore (especially in Global with how long bots were rampant for)

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Thats exactly how i sell lvl 7 sync skill gems for 5k extra gold daily lol

The whole gem system is a scam. Well, there are many RNG things that feel that way sadly. Ability stones :^)

if they continue with bots then its doable, but if there is no bots then it will never happen, escpecially with the declining playerbase

Lol I love when you say this when your own formula suggests that stocks, and bitcoins have inflation

I already said an alternative.

Rising prices in a GAME with no banks, no standardization, no government control, or an actual natural circulation of currency is not inflation. Your “demand-pull inflation” can heavily relate to a high unemployment rate in your country where the government is printing money to pay for these people and the demand is constant.

My stocks are up is stupid. You create “value” on that item. What do you say when it is lost value? So if I say in the game I bought Grudge X12 for 4k each, I made a lot of gains with my “progression”. Are you saying that stupid too?

I’m sorry you are desperately making inflation a natural phenomenon that even affects games. In the meantime, almost every honing mats drop for 1 gold each. Every old class engravings goes down with it.

I’m done with you dude, it’s your fantasy world. Live it.

I see the. So your problem is basically just not understanding human language. If the definition of inflation of rising prices then bitcoin can’t inflate. It has properties that can inflate like it’s price but bitcoin itself can’t. Although you can technically make the argument that it is inflationary in some sense because the supply of it continously increases as it is being mined. Originally the word inflation was used to describe the volume of currency and since then it has evolved to describe rising costs. You don’t need banks, standardization, government control or unemployment for inflation to happen.

Prices can rise in a virtual economy and it is perfectly valid to use inflation to describe it.

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