Gem trade restrictions


I understand what you guys are trying to do to stop bots, but this is ridiculous. I farmed a bunch of boss rushes on all my alts, finally able to make another LVL 7 gem. I need a cooldown gem, and it makes an attack gem. Now I’m stuck sitting with it for over two days before I can sell it and try and buy the gem I need.

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yeah that’s pretty dumb

most of their ‘solutions’ will effect regular players more than bots/exploiters. People doing this more seriously will always have new inventory, even if it takes 3 days to sell it.


wait how u trigger that? i made some lv7 gem few days ago and didn’t notice there was a counter

I just made a lvl 7 gem today and it doesn’t have that

i made one tonight and it doesnt say that

did you buy any of the gems from maris or something?

is this an NA west thing? l upgraded gems today and none were restricted

seems like someone bought off market and tried to resell and made this story with loopholes when everyone say they don’t have the restrictions… KEK


Not west, im from west and its not a thing.

Lol I made a lvl 7 gem earlier, no trade restrictions.

Nice try OP.