Gems and the rng about them

So i have no clue why nobody talks about this. The gem system is very punishing and hondstly needs an overhaul.
farmed like a madman some gems to get the damage one at higher tier level.
Had three times in a row, 3 gems level 7 damage one, fused them to get the tier 8 and i got the tier 8 cooldown gem. This happened three times in a row…

now, it doesnt sell because no one pays that crazy amount of gold for something like cooldown, and also you can only have so much cooldown gems for ur skill setup so i dont need 5 gems level 10 cooldown reduction…
i it just me being unlucky or this system really blows?

wouldnt it be better to make damage gems harder to drop but once you get 3 of them its guaranteed the fusion to next tier? i mean…

the gem system is more of a “longer time progression system” (for non-whales).

you are not supposed to have all 7+ gems right now, nor do you need it at the moment.

if you have a full setup of lvl 5 or 6 gems, that will be just fine and you’ll just upgrade from there over time.
any gem over 7 is also considered “late endgame” which we will not see for multiple months.

also for those out there that have a single lvl 7 gem and maybe a few lvl 1 gems and the rest of the slots empty: STOP DOING THAT !!!
no matter how good that one ability might be, having a full set of gems of equal level will ALWAYS be worth more!

u missed the point completely. hes saying damage gems should merge to damage gems or the majority.

i understood just fine… its an RNG-based LONG-TERM progression system.
you dont get your gem? try again next week …

is it a “good” system? probably not, but i was just stating what it is

made me laugh considering that basically every part and every piece of content of the game has been complained about

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u dont clearly. u can reroll damage and cooldown gems but u cant control what the gems merge to.

hence why it is RNG and LONG TERM …
if we had full control, it would need to loose either of those two things, which wont happen.

as i said before: not a fan of “pure, massive rng myself” but i was just stating how the system works.

but its doesnt have to be like that, hence u have a forum to talk about the problems of the game. u cant just go around telling people to accept what it is.

never stated that he had to accept it.

i was just pointing out how the CURRENT system works and isnt supposed to be “optimizable” within the time-frame of the game we had so far.