Gems are a joke

I think with the title you can get the main point already, but I have a suggestion to make regarding gems.

I get that when the gem system was implemented, there wasnt much to spend silver on (on kr I mean), but on EU its a nightmare, more so now that we have brel gear and the silver goes down like a million silver each piece u try to tap, and I know that most people are sitting at most with 10m silver.

So what I Would suggest is one of 2 choices:

  1. Make gems free to tap / choose what gem u need - Self explanatory, this deletes the silver usage so u can play around with the gems see what u like more, etc. Also regarding this, why are event gems needed to be rolled, when they are free to tap? Like it makes 0 sense, if i can roll it till i get what i want lemme choose what i want and thats it.

  2. Be able to roll the gem while saving the last state.
    This one is a bit more complex thinking but I think its a great idea. So the idea comes from me maining arcana, who unlike most classes shares nearly 0 gems between her 2 builds (only 3 gems). I built my arcana with both builds to try them on actual raids and see how the play and I love them both, but having to have 8 level 7 gems sitting around on my inventory is annoying and makes u think of how u could have a whole alt character with perfect gems instead.

So the idea is that once I get my gems rolled and set up for emperor lets say, I am able to “lock” their state with the Mass Presets and roll them into empress gems and lock that state for empress build.

This would make it so you can actually play both builds and swap them around all you want without having to have around 130k gold worth of gems on your inventory doing nothing because that week you prefer to play one or the other.

I know this is something a lot of people will aggree on and it would be such a great QoL. To make it fair I would say make this something you got to unlock by reaching “x” item level or roster level or somehow so that its more of a reward for people that play a lot to be able to enjoy their class to the fullest.

I was actually thinking about this today. Being able to do dual spec in this game would be great. The main issue is the gems. Like who would actually buy an entire other set of gems. Such a waste.

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