Gems won't auto fuse?

My auto fuse feature for gems isn’t working at all on my main character. It just gives an unknown error in small yellow text on the bottom of my screen. It works fine on my alts just not my main.

Server: Una
Name: Kainehh

Hey there, Lurkathon!

Is it possible to get a screenshot of this error?

My game also stopped auto-fusing gems. And I have no idea what the rest of the words in yellow should say, but either way, I’d get enough gems to fuse from a chaos dungeon and they’d just sit there and not fuse x.x

Hi! Here’s a screenshot of the error, it’s still happening as of today.

Thank you both for providing screenshots, anghellic and Lurkathon.

I’ll get this over to the team ASAP.

any updates here @Centeotl ? I have the same issue and it’s been going on for awhile. Lupack on Mari.

It happens if you buy gem chests from Mari’s shop. Since those gems aren’t tradable for 3 days they wont fuse.