Gender unlock classes count as different classes for synergy?

I know that equal synergies of the same class do not stack.

for example, wardancer and glaivier on the same pt will be a synergy loss, since the crit buff does not stack.

but what if it’s a striker and a wardancer, does that count as different classes, so the buff stacks?

I don’t know who told you WD and glaivier synergy don’t stack. Pretty sure they do because they are different classes.

By classes, it’s referring to advanced classes (the actual class you play, not the base class). So gender equivalents will also have stacking synergy, like striker and WD, GS and DE, etc.

The same buff from the same advanced class doesn’t stack. The same buff on the same character from different skills doesn’t stack.

they are the same class (martial artist), same classes don’t stack equal buffs.

They do stack, only same class doesn’t stack 2 wardancers won’t stack synegy but gunslinger/deadeye stack

Glaivier, wardancer stack

Have you tested it? Go into a guardian raid with a glaivier you on wardancer open your character profile, details tab and look if your crit chance increases then use your crit synegy see if they stack

Wardancer and striker stack too, who told you because glaivier is martial artist and wardancer is too their 18% crit don’t stack?

The best synergy for my wardancer is control glaivier or eso stiker for their 18% crit chance too

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but glaiver and wardancer are the same class, am i wrong? (they are martial artist class)

this guide says about class, not advanced classes

They are the same race anitz general class martial artist but they are different sub classes, they are under martial artist, it maybe confusing but they are not of the same sub class when it comes to synergy.

Like I said you can test it for yourself get a glaivier friend or wardancer you play one of the classes ask them to use crit synergy see if your crit increases and you use crit synergy at the same time see if it stacks.

They are the same base class but different advanced classes. Like I said, buffs from different advanced classes do stack.

now i’m more confused :face_with_spiral_eyes:

the word class is just used in the wrong way, because nobody wants to say advanced class or subclass all the time, anything that has a different symbol will stack with its synergies thats all there is

stuff like martial artist (female) is considered a class, stuff like wardancer, scrapper, glaivier, soulfist is considered an advanced class, every synergy from different advanced classes will stack, only synergies from the same advanced class wont stack (e.g. wardancer + wardancer wont stack)

If they are the exact same sub/advanced class synergy doesn’t stack two wardancer, two deadeye, two berserker won’t stack.

If they are different sub/advanced classes they stack its that simple, doesn’t matter if they are under the same general class, warrior,gunner,martial artist.

If the sub class is different they stack

They are only three anyway deadeye/gunslinger stack (10% crit)

Wardancer/striker/glaivier stack (18% crit)

Destroyer/gunlancer (defense reduction stack)

In simple terms, when it comes to party synergy, just look at the individual advanced classes like striker, glaiver, WD, etc. Ignore the base class like martial artist, gunner, etc. They don’t have any impact in the game.

I got confused because the guide says that the ‘same class doesn’t stack’ the buffs. So I think in the classes (like martial artist, warrior, etc), not in the ‘advanced class’. Because they didn’t specify it was confusing for me.

Whenever someone mentions class, it’s almost always referring to advanced class, so just assume that. Base class doesn’t mean anything in the actual game.

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Just forget about everything and just know that buffs don’t stack between the same advanced classes. In any other case the buffs stack. That’s it.

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ok thanks guys

so glaivier + wardancer = 36% crit

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