General feedback on pvp

Am I right in thinking its just who can stun lock who the most frequently? and only equipped items offer any resistance or limit duration?

Doesn’t look fun to be honest, but I don’t pvp at the moment, its not quite what I was expecting .
A lot like NW actually, it all sounded pretty cool on paper.

So many stunlocks I can’t even play. Getting kills by randomly happens

In a moment you will get "learn to play " responses…:slight_smile:
And to some extend it is true, the problem here is that this game is not (new) player friendly. Not easy to watch, not easy to learn, chaotic and by design CC focused which is a terrible thing for casual gamers. At this moment it is hard to entry and ultra hard to master :wink:

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As I experienced pvp in this game is focused on evading crowd control effects by dodiging is more like attack run and attack again. Also you need knowledge how to counter each class what is his her skills what he she can do and how to evade it. PvP in this game is really hard one mistake and you are dead.

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Thanks for the replies.

I hit 300ms for the first time today, so I don’t think its something that will concern me.