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With the latest news that we won’t be getting a stronghold research buff for honing up to 1415, I’ve been pretty sad about the state of the game. I’ve really enjoyed my 1100+ hours up to this point but I can start to feel my loyalty weaken. I want to bring up a few other concerns that all seem to be interconnected. I think between gold inflation, bots, RMT, and the lack of a stronghold buff, the player base should be fairly angered.

  1. Gold inflation - In game prices have skyrocketted over the last few weeks. Whether it’s engravings or jewelry pieces, the prices have gone up and up. The amount of gold being generated by bots is absurd. I’m sure I can’t be the only player struggling to push to 1460 while starting to run out of gold. If I decide to push my ilvl it means sacrificing any type of savings or income meant to go towards accessories. (As a support main, our accessories are ridiculously expensive and so are our glass engravings). I understand that we get a good amount of gold generated at the reset of each week but at 1415+ we rely on Valtan (4.5k in HM before bonus), Argos (2700 before bonus), Una’s chests (~7k), and the occasional gold island (700-2100). That’s a total of just over 9k gold and that’s assuming you aren’t getting the bonus chests from valtan and argos (which all of us are). 9k gold is currently the price a single legendary engraving. (I’m not factoring in the price of jewelry drops or mats because these are gold transfers, not generation)

  2. RMT - I think RMT has been completely out of control. Players at this point in the game are more incentivized to purchase gold from a 3rd party site than through in game methods (and have been for months). 3rd party sites offer a return of nearly 8-10x what you would receive with the same amount of cash in game. On top of that, the evidence that players are doing it sits inside the auction house, everyone can see it. I’m honestly convinced at this point that anyone with 5x3 engravings and more than a few lvl 8 gems (let alone full lvl 10) is straight up buying gold.(see screenshots as example

  3. Bots - Arguably the largest and most difficult problem Lost Ark has. All of us who play f2p games are very used to the existence of bots and typically assume it just as just part of the experience. We’ve all seen the bots running around Luterra, Vern, Punika, etc. That being said, I think this might be the root cause enabling the above issues. Bots bring in an absolute boat load of gold to the farmers that run them and they’re the ones providing it to the RMT sites. The farmers either decide to sell off their gold for real money or just horde it up so that the Auction House price increases don’t affect them. The bots are capable of running pretty much everything except Valtan (for now) and the amount of gold they generate can’t be understated.

  4. Stronghold buff - Lastly I’d like to end this with just talking about how the stronghold buff being delayed is not helping. I feel that with the inclusion of this research it would allow the many alts sitting at 1370 to push to 1415 and provide a larger and much needed supply of relic accessories to the market. We’d see an increase in relic accessories and legendary engravings (a measly 2 from anguished isle per character) to the market and I think this would help alleviate some of the price issues we see in the market. I understand that this also introduces more gold into the game but until I’m confident that bots can do Valtan (which I’m not) I think the gold is at least being generated in a non-manipulative manor, which is healthy.

TLDR: The bot issue is not getting better despite SG and AGS saying they’ve been working heavily on combatting the issue. Gold inflation is rampant and LA doesn’t have enough tools to combat it. RMT is common practice and punishment does not exist, it’s also the more cost effective method of paying to win by about 8-10+ magnitudes than in game methods. Stronghold buff would actually help alleviate jewelry prices and bring in a healthy amount of new gold.

My 2 cents as a f2p degen bard main with 1100+ hours and a slowly dying loyalty to my new favorite time suck.



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Dont forget the even further drip feeding of classes


My husband and I have been getting constant disconnects today.

and We get no honing buff, they trynna get more money out of us.

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This game has been shtting on us since new updates been coming in, disconnects, untimely maintenances, rmters & bots, bugs that come with each coming update, and stupid queues.


They just make the NA updates blatantly about sucking more money out of those willing to pay, especially with the new JAR update. Give us content and classes instead. maybe reaper…


I am in the same spot as you, close to 1500 hours played and this honing buff decision showed us what they are really made of.

I usually load $100 every patch to buy all the skins on the shop. Now that will drasticly change.

When they show greed i personally cant support them anymore.

But the worse is that i feel the game let us down big time and is really hard to gain that trust again…


Well said, the current state of econ within the game is unsustainable.

here i fixed bots

send gold to “shiddedfarded” on mari as thanks


And drip feeding classes.


If you want the game gets better and ags make changes, better write this on steam review too.

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You are clearly underestimating CN’s studio level of scripting and bypassing captchas. Yes it might help a little, but they do have the ability to bypass complex captchas even in their own mainland games ( Chinese characters, tetris, puzzles.) As long as the money is rolling, they will do it

A text based captcha is a child’s play with a captcha script integrated with OCR API.

Dont forget to respond on his topic next week as well. Its important that we know there are people around rhe world who want to silence any1 providing criticism.


People that say complain about the game and not having fun anymore please delete all your character, uninstall the game, and delete your steam account. Thanks.

Will do :+1:

Yes please don’t criticize this game, every time you do an angel in heaven dies. Please remember that Amazon’s boots need licking way more than you realize so thanks to those who stand up for such a great company that obviously cares so much about it’s player-base.


This is the worst news they brought