Genially question about Crystal price in shop

So I’m at this state of mind I just can’t figure out how exactly the value of crystals work. Now recently the price has increased by a lot and it keeps growing, and what causes this? What makes it cost more gold to buy the same amount of blue crystals than other time, at the moment its around 870+ gold per 90 blue crystal, but 1-2 weeks ago it was 500-600 gold per 90 blue crystal.

Can anyone explain me how exactly how it works? I’m not familiar with currency

Too much gold being bought by the RMT so the gold loses its value, causing inflation.

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so it’s almost 900 right now? I just bought some today for 600. I am on the west server. What server are you on?

im on EUC, 2 days ago it started to peak by alot, it went from 600 to 898 at one time, and it peaked at 890 yesterday. which is really sad to be honest

so by that it means people do RMT and transfer their gold to blue crystals which makes the price of it increase?

There is also a question of supply and demand…

the more crystals players will buy the more the price will increase
the less they will buy the more the price will drop

a bit like in the stock market

Remember that, you can set the gold at where you want to buy. Don’t just follow the market price if you really want to buy or sell at the price you want.
The offer goes through or not is different story.

Well, in order for you to buy BC, someone has to sell RC for gold. And who sells RC? Big chad whales.

and by that it means that it isn’t RMT that does it. my understanding that RMT doesn’t buy RC cus they would get less value right?

Yeah, the more the gold on the server, the more expensive blue crystals will be. KR server have a lot of content to farm gold, that’s why their blue crystals is 2k gold iirc. For us, this amount of gold comes from the RMT since we don’t have that much content to farm gold like Koreans do.

Both sides are placed by real players. It’s simply supply and demand. More RMT = less legit whales = less crystals for sale. Gold inflation = more demand for crystals. Other factors in play are if there is any good uses for the crystal like Mari shop, skins, and other features like that skin lootbox jar and pheons. People definitely need more crystals now that Vykas/Yoz’s jar is close and it’s compounded by the rampant RMT/bot problem.

Don’t think anyone here is being specific enough.

As I understand it, if you buy gold via the the royal crystals the price of blue crystals go down. If more people buy the blue crystals, then that price goes up (if only because there are not enough supply of the opposing listing).

So as people gain gold sources outside if the permitted exchange of royal crystals, then there’s no balance and the blue crystal exchange just goes up.

You can’t buy RC by being a RMT. With RMT you only get gold. So then you want BC, right? Since you have a lot of gold, you don’t care about low price, so you bid as you fit (increasing the price per 95 BC to get them asap).

So the real chads who spend real $$ to buy RC see this (somehow) and accomodate to the demant, thus increasing the price of gold for RC.

IMHO, the amount of BC should not be static and should change depending on market.

A lot of people are doing RMT which means they don’t give a fk about the price they are buying BC with gold, and if they rush it, the price of BC will increase exponentially.

well its basically 2 factors … more demand through peons and relic gear / more argos alts .
And a lot of gold through income / rmt

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Increase in demand for materials in Mari’s shop and increase in gold coming from bots likely. The last time they did a massive bot banwave the gold exchange price got cut in half.

i think one big change atm is that you cant sell honing mats from chaos dungeons anymore. That increased the price at the market by 100% for mostly all honing mats. now Maris shop prices for most honing mats are way cheaper then on the market.

A lot of people realized that in the last days , which increased the demand of crystals to buy things from Mari´s shop by alot. and with that the crystals go up.

Also alot of people reached their goal like itemlvl (1445,1460) or engravings like (3x4/3x5)
so for conclusion , they spend the Gold for other things like cosmetics or things they get from the shop for crystals

Guys please remember this is like a stock market, and that includes market maker mechancisms and fraud.

The crystal price can be artifically halted, lowered or raised depending on the liquidity of the system.

You would never make a system like this and allow a run on crystal (a run on the bank IRL).
We do not have any real transparency of how the market actually works (just like the stock market).

Supply and demand is only a factor, but not the whole thing.