Genuine Question Relating to Captcha


I don’t ask a lot of questions on these forums but this is a genuine inquiry that I do have and I see you answering a lot of questions today. Recently, a guildie of mine was presented with a Captcha as seen below:


She had selected the Top Left image and was informed by the system it was the incorrect image. So she chose the top right image and it was still the incorrect image. On her third try, she didn’t select anything because she didn’t know what to choose. She was then presented with a warning stating that she may be suspended. After much discussions with the guild, we all agreed that it should have been the top left image that was inverted.

Once you fail a Captcha, more tend to show up. She was then hit with the following:


Again, this should be the top left image but it was incorrect and is presented with a warning.

As we have seen in the lost ark discord, some players have failed it many times and have received a ban/suspension.

I have no problems with the Captcha system as it does seem to work against the bots so far in the West. But errors like these are going to lead to false bans on real players. My question is will the process to getting unban be simple as we know Amazon Support for ban appeals is non-existent. It’s filled with automated replies and my friend who has been banned for 6 months is still waiting for a real response.



Even Amazon doesn’t know what the images are in these captchas…

The images are so bad that no one knows what they are, let alone if they are inverted.
As far as I am concerned, in both captchas, it was the top left that was the inverted image.

AGS MUST be using a bot to choose which is inverted because anyone with human eyes can tell that the top left (in both cases) is inverted…

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AGS just care about their player base giving everyone free IQ test :slight_smile:

Good thing I know my feet.

The captcha was made for bots to solve

Thats what a bot would say!

This is one I got. At least it only has 2 unclear images so I can get it right without being banned. But my god what on earth is the thing on the right and left even supposed to be. How can I tell what’s upside down if I don’t have a clue what the images are supposed to represent.


I also got something distorted and it was 5 with 2 unclear images, so no surprise I failed, but the next captcha it popped, luckily all were recognizable. 8/10 I have to stick my 4 eyes close to the laptop monitor. Just to see it properly. Sad life.

Based on her correct selections this seems like a bug with the system, although it is true that after failing a CAPTCHA another 1-2 will soon pop up; this is to give folks another chance to correctly complete it.

Currently, because it is being tested, your friend will not receive any permanent marks against her account and should already be able to get back in-game. If it is decided that we will release this system to all live servers, it definitely needs a polish pass and we’ll put avenues in place through Customer Support for folks that run into issues with it. Hope that helps!


Can we increase the duration of the captcha as well?

Im currently saving to upgrade my PC and if i get permanent marks because my first load into the game takes long its not worth playing for a time xD

I have issues with it 98% of the time.

At first I thought it was an issue with me wearing glasses or my strabismus or vertigo, but I now see many are having the same issue. Not cool. Please make them clearer or use a different CAPTCHA that’s vision friendly. Thanks.

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The images look like a young child has drawn them…
Children’s drawings can be hard to understand what they are…

Just a question… Which was inverted?
Was it the green thing? As the other 2 are upright, arent they?

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You can turn it back correct way from screenshot if in doubt.


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I had that exact first captcha as OP showed up and I also failed that one by selecting the top left. A friend of mine also had that captcha and failed it in a similar manner. That one is definitely bugged.
The rest of the captcha was straight forward and simple.


I feel like any way you spin this thing it’s wrong lol

It does seemed there are less bots , also fish prices went up a lot , but may be they was in different areas.
This was at the South Vern Chaos gate …

these are not bots, just multiboxers which run in a lower scale

Whats the point in deshaping the images? Thats hilarious you even doing that.

A bot isnt able to discern up from down anyways and that should be the key.

Distorting images are only making it hard for real people, aside making our eyes bleed.

I doubt that if an input for bots to discern upside down from normal is made, having distorted images will make then hard to use their eyes. They dont have any.

Sometimes i seriously question whoever is in charge of this. It s testing, but doesnt mean you cant literally crtl+c some images and render them with more than 4 pixels.

Thats just absurdly lazy. If i did so on my job id be ista fired.

Pity we can’t turn them around whilst in the game…


Distorting images is to make it more difficult for pixel detection software, also i am pretty sure these are just some out of the box captcha software with it’s default images.

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