Genuine Question

Is knowledge transfer, apart from 0-50, even worth it?

I mean 2hrs x 4 per alt adds up. But in the long run?
Whats your opinion on that matter?

And to fit all the other posts: AGS bad, bots bad, i will quit, GRRR

Honestly, if you have the spare gold and don’t want to put in the time for the cutscenes, I don’t see the issue. However its gold + 8 hours for something you can get done in about an hour or two with rapid G and skipping all cutscenes. So it just depends if the gold investing is worth more than your time, and for most id say just do it manually.

i dont think so. It goes super fast with g spam (tho i can see it being annoing if you pushing more alts at the same time )

It depends on whether you want to spend 2-2.5 hours on each continent for each alt and earn some roster XP or you have lots of disposable gold and can’t be bothered to replay them.

I only used KT to 302 and went from there on all my 5 alts. Got old real quick but I got my roster up to 120 so far. Without running them myself it would be at a much lower level. Plus I saved thousands of gold, which is always needed.

done punika 7 times already and plan on doing it 3 more soon

I’ve done Rohendel 7 times, I can almost memorize every dialogue there. 500 gold for the 1-50 skip is the most worth it. The rest are just luxury even if you have the gold.

500 gold is to skip almost 8-10hrs worth of low level dungeon and G-spamming.
The rest is just to skip at most 2hrs of story which is totally not worth it.