Genuinely miss the Ark Pass

It seriously went by far too quickly. Was really awesome having something to work on daily/weekly that felt super rewarding without locking you out for a week. Genuinely hope we get another Ark Pass soon.

Still would really enjoy seeing more levels beyond 30, even if the only reward is card exp or some arbitrary amount of silver. <3

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the roadmap says a new one will be coming in summer. dont u worry, Ark Pass is a good opportunity to make money and they would never miss it.

Which is good. I just hope it has more to increase its longevity.

It should have had way more.

A 2 month pass that you completely level within 2 weeks? Come on now.

The pass should have been bigger. But also the monthly login rewards should go for longer. Doesn’t have to be better, but reward people for 30 and 60day consistency. Some games even have it roll over.

ok~how about a one-year ark pass, somthing like u can unlock a new class every two months~