German players might run into complete different issues with LA

Just translated and read this article:

Seems like the way lost Ark is monetizing is not necessarily legal everywhere and might even be decided if it is counted as gambling or not.

I would consider in the current European stage the game is 100% gamble! Do I get in? Are the servers stable? How big will be the queue? :smiley:

It is not published in Germany and one other EU country already because of this.

You got something really wrong there, it IS available to play in germany but not in belgium and netherlands.

Ahh apologies. You are correct, when I visited Belgium and Germany it was one big alcoholic blur so I get them mixed up all the time.


Well, they put the name “Lost Ark” into the title, cos it brings clicks, but honestly, I don’t know which item from the shop should be gambling right now? I don’t think I’ve seen a single package with “random” loot in there until now.
Edit: Ok, one exception, I guess you can buy boxes with “random” rarity cards.

Card packs, boxes with a random gem would probably be considered loot boxes

there is allso problem of upgrades failing with incresing fail rate its somewhat shady practic imho as its just hiden cost increse to some crazy amounts at higher lvls :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Would be really funny seing all the gatchas getting hammered tbh :stuck_out_tongue: