Get back a deleted character

Is it possible to bring back a character I deleted a long time ago – I’m going through a sharpshooter phase rn

I don’t remember his name but I can give my main account stuff if you can find him that way -

Region - NA West
Server - Akkan
Main Char - Girthedtoes

the character to restore is a sharpshooter and was 1300+ item level

Thanks < 3

Hey there @JabIsm

Allow me a moment to restore your character, please make sure to be logged out of the game and have an open character slot!

I am logged out with a slot open :slight_smile: thank you

Alright I have now restored your level 53 Sharpshooter named Stifftoes @JabIsm

Please log back into the game to make sure everything looks good!

See you in Arkesia!

I forgot that was his name :skull:
But yes he is back ty <3

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