Getting a class back

Hi, is it possiblw to restore my glavier? Spydklask om zinnervale central europe?

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Hey there @daneven.sundal!

I’m checking the name provided but it’s not giving me any match.

Can you help me with the name of your main character please?

Clapcheck is my main

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Spydklask is still not giving me any result.

Would you mind checking your account for a moment? It seems there was an interaction with another mod in the last few hours and they managed to recover a Glaivier for you.

Spydklaskaren was the name of the character, the only one Glaivier on the deleted pile, so please take a look and let me know if that’s correct.

Yes ty

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Good stuff, if you need further help, reach out to us anytime, have an awesome rest of the week. :wink:

I recently found out that kt doesnt get refunded by deleting characters, i was hoping to get a few characters restored if possible.
Deathblade mustangs
Artilerist jbros
Striker jbroz
Thank you very much

Hey there @hellonorajoh.

I need to check your account in order to determine if the characters can be recovered. I will update this comment as soon as I find the information.

UPDATE: It seems you’ve used the character recovery courtesy before, so at the moment I can only restore one character for you, so let me know which one would you like me to restore for you, :wink:

Ah ok, I would like my Artillerist back. But would be amazing if I can get my deathblade too :grimacing: Or is there a time limit for me to request this? I appreciate your help thank you

I was able to recover the Artillerist jbros for you as a courtesy.

You can request a new character recovery 365 days after your first character recovery request.

If you need help with anything else let us know. Stay safe! :wink:

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