Getting DC'd is getting so frustrating

I’ve never been Dc’d so many times in any game in my life. This is so frustrating especially when you are right at the end of a chaos gate, relog in, gates over, and no rewards. Fix your game!!!
I’ve done all the fixes here on forums.

I get alot of lags when doing CG and at start of pvp first 10 second basically close to a freeze.

I think I read somewhere on forum that someone used Dx9 to make game rendering faster (vs Dx11) since Dx12 is not an option.

@Roxx , will the game get graphical upgrade and have option to use Dx12? Thanks!

I just d/c while doing one of the blue maps gotten from Chaos Gate lol, I didn’t get the drop after my party member killed it though, Oh well.

If it were a gold map, well, things will get salty

You get at least one achievement for doing nothing in a legendary map and leave iirc. Not sure if dc counts though XD