Getting Deleted Characters Back?


Trying to see if there is a way to get some of the characters I deleted early on in the game back into my Roster?
Can I get some assistance with this?

I honestly don’t remember my characters names but I do know that they were a SoulFist and a Deathblade.

Main Character on Account: Neph
Region: NAE
Server: Regulus

Hello @NephGuts, it’s great to have you back after a while :wink:

I’m glad to take a look and help you with this. With the name of your main character I must be able to find the SoulFist and the Deathblade.

I’ll be right back.

Thank You

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It’s a pleasure @NephGuts!

I’ve found the characters Lexyanna and Läunch and I am ready to restore them, I can see that you’re online, can you please close the game for a few minutes while I’m working on it.

Sorry for bother you with that :sweat_smile:

No worries
Ill be logging off now

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It’s done,

You can launch the game now, I’ve restored Lexyanna in the 14th and Läunch in the 15th slot.

Enjoy your game time and have a wonderful day ahead,

Stay healthy. :leaves:

and ill try too, this game has me somewhere lol

Have a good day