Getting disconnected several times a day during loading screens

Hey there, returning player here.

Ever since I started playing again (like a week ago) I am having disconnect problems during loading screens, several times a day (let say 8-10 times yesterday) It is pretty annoying since just loading the game back up takes me 5 min. Steam files are verified, no background programs are running, PC is running fine, no spikes in performance. I tried all the display settings too - windowed, full screen and the third one can not remember now, was getting DC the same on all 3.

Anything else I can try? Is this common thing to do? Has anyone been able to fix their disconnects?

Thanks in advance for info.

Hello and welcome to the community.

I am going to move your post over to our Game Support section for some assistance!

Hello senzogamer1,

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First, I want to thank you for sharing all the detailed troubleshooting you’ve done so far for this issue. The next troubleshooting related with the third party program EasyAntiCheat that is linked within Lost Ark:

  1. Open Lost Ark in your Steam Library.
  2. Right click on Lost Ark’s list title and then Go to Settings < Manage < Browse Local Files.
  3. Open the EasyAntiCheat folder.
  4. Run as administrator EasyAntiCheat_Setup executable file.
  5. Make sure in the drop-down within EasyAntiCheat Service Setup Lost Ark or Current Game is the selected game.
  6. Press Repair Service.
  7. After this process verify Steam Integrity Check files:
  1. Restart your Computer.
  2. Re-lauch Lost Ark.

Please let me know if the issue keeps happening after you make this troubleshooting, I’ll be waiting for you. c(ˆ⌣ˆc)

Screenshot 2022-04-14 5.56.31 AMpastedImage (3)

Thanks for reply. Tried doing your suggested steps but no difference. I am attaching a screenshot of how the game rather freezes than crashes that I stated originally (which eventually it does, but I first get this loading freeze that leads to crash to windows after several minutes waiting).

The loading bar gets stuck at the beginning of loading. At this moment it happened after leaving dungeon, but it can happen basically during any loading screen. It does not happen when an instance is loaded tho. Or at least so far it did not.


Thank you so much for keeping the forum updated senzogamer1,

Since the issue keeps happening and you’ve already verified all your game files within Lost Ark and it’s a general behavior with the loading screens, to further investigate; I’d ask you to please escalate this issue via web ticket to the developer’s team using the link below:

Once you open this link follow this path:

  1. Select In-game Issues:

  1. Select Something Else’s option:

  1. Then at the left corner you will see an option to use Web Ticket:

Thanks again for your report and I’ll pending if you need further assistance once you receive your ticket’s response. ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

Screenshot 2022-04-14 5.56.31 AMpastedImage (3)

I have the same problem and no solution from the forum has worked.


Hello Cuajoneta,

Thank you so much for reporting you’re also experience the same issue.

Let me know if you already escalated via web ticket your case to further investigate and make sure this issue stops happening within your Lost Ark account.

Thanks again for your report and I’ll pending for your reply. ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

Screenshot 2022-04-14 5.56.31 AMpastedImage (3)

Hey there @Cactacea I have contacted the team but no reply yet, I will let you know once I hear back from them.

EDIT: nevermind, I got a reply but did not see it, the support person was honestly pretty useless, did not even read my message since he suggested step by step exactly things I have said I have done… update windows and GK drivers done, check steam files, done, repair the game using the anti cheat thingy you suggested, done, allow the game in firewall exceptions - was already done…

Anything else I can try?

Hello @senzogamer1 !

I’m sorry to ear about you still experiencing this issue. As this is about disconnections, I’d recommend that you try the troubleshootings that appear in the following link:

These could help you diagnose some connectivity issues regarding getting disconnected from the game. I hope this information helps.

Thank you for your patience!


Hey @distantefix The link you posted is really of no help. This is not a connection issue, at least not on my part, my connection is stable, I never ever had connection problems to any games whatsoever. My windows is updated, my connection is hard-wired (not wifi) - ping around 30, my firewall is functional and LA is set as an firewall exception, no additional programs are running when in game and the game files are verified multiple times.

What pisses me more than anything is the negative effects this is having to my gameplay. You join PVP, get disconnected, and get first warning, this happens again and I get penalty… Happens once again once penalty is lifted and the penalty just gets longer. The same is during chaos dungeons, which it does not let you finish after disconnecting… Really annoying.

Anyone? Still having the same issue, disconnecting during loading, mid activities etc. I even moved the game to an SSD with no difference. At least now it loads faster back in game.

@distantefix @Cactacea

Hello, I’m experiencing the same issues you described above for the last 3 months. I get freeze in the loading screen then game crashes for no reason (no error message or something), always happening before or after daily activities like chaos gates/ dungeons (after i take portal) /guardian raids/ travelling around, never happened while entering/exiting the legion raids though. I tried all solutions that support provided to you, but the issues persist. As you said, what is more frustrating is that I can’t finish chaos dungeons after I crash and I lose all rewards, same for the chaos gate and other content. I’m running the game on SSD and also never had connection issues on my side. I hope they will find a solution and provide it to us asap, because this ruins the gameplay for us.

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Hello again! :mage:

Hi there @senzogamer1 and @Dreadxv . Welcome to the Lost Ark forums @Dreadxv !

I’m sorry to hear about you having this performance and connection issues. I understand how this can be quite frustrating. In order for you both to receive a more situation-specific assistance, I’d recommend that you go ahead and Contact Us. Our colleagues will be able to help you raise a web ticket catered to your specific issues, and will be able to update you via email! You’ll be able to reach out to them by following this link:

Thank you for your patience!