Getting into Legion raids

Im curious what KR/RU vets, not folks that started in NA/EU, have to say about getting into Legion Raids. The reason I ask is because I don’t have a static group, like MANY people, and I had difficulty getting into Argos groups early on as a scrapper. I would often be booted in favor of a zerker/sorc.

Now, yes, say its my gear and engravings? Early Argos I was still running 2x3 at the time, but early argos so were many people. Sometimes I had grudge x3 equipped, sometimes not. Sometimes I had cursed doll x3 equipped, sometimes not. I switched from Shock to Taij thinking maybe people would rather a taijutsu scrapper over a shock. Nothing seemed to work. Now, I am 3x3 (Cursed doll, taij, adrenaline).

I started regularly clearing Argos within Matchmaking, P1 only ofcourse. To be honest, I find the party system very unforgiving and my fear is that its going to be twice as bad for Valtan. People are going to be looking for 4x3 engravings at minimum (like many people have much more than that? lol) and meta classes. Forcing people like me to look at matchmaking which will likely be a travesty at least in the first few weeks.

So my question to the KR/RU vets: Is it possible to clear Valtan using matchmaking? Even after a few weeks (after people had a chance to figure out the fight) ? Or from here on out, is it really party finder only/static groups only that will likely clear the raid?

I ask because I think I’ll have an equally difficult time getting into these party finder groups, let alone a static, thus missing out on content (even a month after Valtan release) and thus missing out on loads of gold. Basically, at some point, if folks like me cannot get into these raids content dries up :frowning:

Looking for some feedback. Thanks!

I don’t have a static group either mostly because if I wanted a set schedule of when I have to show up to clear 30 minutes of content I’d just go Mythic raid in WoW. These guilds who are already setting out 3 days a week to raid what is literally 30 mins of content is bonkers to me.

If joining a group is proving to be difficult starting your own group while a cliche’ answer is the solution.

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