Getting kick from raids

Fix the way people kick us from raids. People been kicking me for no reason. im not afk. im top dps and i get kicked from raid for no god damn reason. its irritating.

:joy: :joy: perfect players getting kicked now? Nobody is safe.


Can u post a screen of your build?

Sounds fishy.
If you got kicked 1 time for No reason ok, Happens
But multiple Times…

It’s guardian raid? Which one? For me it’s Deska having a problem today. Not kicked but 3 times in a row, 1 person song of escape out of the dungeon. Never had that problem before especially not 3 in a row. Those people were not 1460 idk what’s going on.

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Would you mind posting a video or a screenshot of the chat? I’m not saying that you’re right or wrong, but this post leave space for interpretation. Also, if you consider that this is an abuse, please send a message to the support with evidence of the griefing of those other 3 players. If they actually did this to be mean, they should be penalized and I totally support you. Other than that, I can too create a post stating I’ve been kicked multiple times daily since 3 weeks ago, without any reason but also without any further evidence provided to the appropriate support. Cheers!

Seems that he got kicked cause he’s on Ilvl and top DPS in night fox while being 1445.

Could be wrong. Jokes aside, might be due to the fact that they are looking for synergies?

I thought He meant He got kicked in raid

You can do that in a party finder. Once raid starts you no longer try to build synergies by kicking people, because this doesn’t help at all with that. It can help if said person is a dead weight, because AFAIK Guardian will adjust its difficulty to 3 players, tho I’m not 100% sure on this.

It is more likely that he got kicked for not using battle items or it was a premade of 3 who are griefing.

OP kinda quiet once ppl asked for Proof lmao

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It is not adjusted. The guardian hp still scales at 4 people hp. My deska run took 11 mins because the 4th person song of esc out of dungeon. The other 2 dps was 1430 1437 and I’m support 1415. Wouldn’t take that long if we have 4.

AFAIK if he does that he is still on the list of your party members, just looks as if he DC. If you kick player, then they are no longer on the list. So I would say that it isn’t definitive proof that it wouldn’t reduce difficulty.

No, I was right next to the person and saw and heard their song of escape. After that, the person was gone from party list, only 3 people left…

Good call on leaving then

What do you mean by that? I don’t understand why they queued up then after getting in, used song of escape. It’s not like the people who did that were 1460 queueing for the wrong guardian.

11 mins even with 2 dps+support is very long. Meaning the dps probably looked at gear/stats/engravings/gems and knew he would be in for a long run.

Its sometimes even more normal to be picky on lower ilvl char, because you cant make the fight that much quicker by yourself. But even if he did 50% cruel fighter… thats a 5.5 minute run which is painfully long if you’re used to 3min or less runs.

omegaTROLL topic

Actually, the Guardian scales with the number of players that got into the raid, not the remaining players
If, lets say, a premade of 2 decides to leave a 4-man raid, the other 2 players will have to fight a guardian with 4-man-raid stats

I know this for experience as sometimes when I fight Kunge with 2 friends (3-man-raid) and any of us crashes/gets dc, the raid takes longer than it does when none of us crashes/gets dc

Then why even matchmaking? Just go party finder instead. You don’t know what kind of teammates you get when you MM. AFAIK, if they leave like that they get a 10 minutes restriction. That’s even more time wasting. Next run they would be “picky,” song of escape again and waste another 10mins for themselves, and minimum 3 mins for everyone else? Yikes.