Getting kicked from time islands

I am not sure if this was discussed before but I got kicked or forced out from Shangra Island while I was doing quests on it.

Sometimes the (side) stories are nice to read but how should you progress through the quest or collect even the Mokoko Seeds when you get punished and forced out from that island?

It is fair enough to have no Bifrost/Stronghold access to them but please disable this supied behavior as the player should be that one how chooses to stay or to leave and not the game.

It is not for every one possible to use there spare amount of free time to visit such islands day after day so it would only be fair enough to remove this system to be able to finish all the quests on such islands.

Oh, it would be fine to kick them off that island when they go offline/dc’ed after all but not while beeing activly on such islands :wink: