Getting Kicked out of Server HELP!

Hi I have been getting errors all day since yesterday. I have been getting these errors:



If not those two then either I get EAC offline or W0x5-SPELPWP1P2PT errors.

I have tried verifying the game file, repairing EAC, restarting, updating drivers and checking my connection.

I can only use wifi and I have been using wifi since the very beginning. I have played more than 1000 hours of the game and I would normally get disconnected here and there but this is too much disconnection. I cant even last 2 min playing the game and I am sent back to server screen selection if not that then the game just completely down for me. I need help resolving this issue.

I am in the Azena Server

Hello @kim.delapenia.

I am sorry to hear you’re having issues connecting to the servers, currently our recommended troubleshooting would be this one:

For more information about the error you can check here:

Hope it helps.

Nothing has worked for me… I have done everything other than connecting to a wired connection. I have never used a wired connection before since the game has launched and it has never caused me this much grief. Even connecting to the Auction house completely disconnects me.

i have the same problem, and no none of this worked for me, i sent a ticket too and all i got as a response was the same copy paste as you all use on the forum, some months ago i had the same problem and quitted the game and now im about to quit again.

Do you use a wired or a wireless connection?

wired and wireless can switch between them, on both i get disconnected.

I am using wifi and it’s a hit or miss for me. Some days I do not disconnect and other days I can’t even last 2 min in the game. It is really frustrating. To this day I still have not found a fix.

the solution for me was changing my internet router and the ethernet cables, something was causing package loss that was the only thing that solved for me, nothing else worked sadly.

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glad you found a solution