Getting to 1415 and over

Hey all,

I’ve come here with a question. How much time would it take me to get from 1400>1415?
Please take into consideration the following points:

  1. I have limited time to play (around 3-4 hours each day and +2 during weekend)
  2. I have a main Gunslinger at 1400 and terrible luck upgrading my gear (managed to reach pity on 3 armors and the weapon at at +8 > +9 and again at +10 > +11)
  3. I have the following alts: zerk-1340, sorc-1340, galivier-1340, deathblade-986, pally-802 and gunlancer 460.
  4. I am not a spender or a whale nor will i ever be one.
  5. I am not a person that likes to grind chaos all day long since i have some side goals as well.

With that said, which would be the best course of action for me to get gunslinger at 1415 so that i can at least do valtan and how much time would i need for that to happen?
My ideas were to either get 1 alt to 1370 do that i can get some leapstones or get pally and deathblade up to 1340 and just continue to farm mats till i can get at least 1 alt to 1370.

Subnote: this is not a “im bragging post” but a legitimate question since there are other people more experienced in this game and with a different mindset when tackling this obstacle.


imo if ur a “Fresh” 1400 w/o a stack of gleaps stockpiled atm ur best choice is to get an alt thru the deadzone of 1370. with the books from the guardian raid ull have at least 2-3 sets of honing books to help + 1385 stronghold buff. it will still suck. to clarify but its something. If ur feeling “gold throttled” id recommend to start selling ur unbound greatleaps from guardian raids.

That being said. It took me 2 weeks to get from 1400-1415 with some god awful luck. and thats with funneling 5 1370+ alt’s leapstones to help me push it. so… Good luck

Which alt do you recommend me to get to 1370? (Out of all mentioned above)
Should i try to get pally up since supports are needed and argos can be completed even with lower ilvl sup?

pally is one of my 3 “mains” i enjoy it and yea the Argos preferential treatment is nice due to getting extra bloods i.e. gleaps after dismantling and doing it at a higher ilvl. but just realize on “average” acessories and stones for supps are slightly more expensive than dps. but u can roll on by with a 3x3 til after valtan from my understanding

In an ideal world where u have a unlimited time to build a roster i would recommend getting 5 chars to 1340 have them sit there for 3 weeks building stones then push them 1 by 1 to 1370.

In a realistic world. yea just start pushing ur pally to 1370 if he already has a bunch of bound regular stones. Also note Anguished isle’s Leapstones are character limited I.e. Each t3 alt can buy 50 unbound honor leapstones which can help pushing certain chars up a little

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In my opinion, using resources to get a 1370 alt will probably set you back a bit, as most leapstone generations are bound. Just using your gunslinger, you should be able to get to 1415 in about 2-4 weeks depend on rng and depending on what the update will bring.

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i think it really depends on what his limiting factor is. Is it mats? or leapstones. For me. its Leapstones on my main, and mats on my alts. so “I” have a choice to either just pure mat funnel to my main or to let my main gain leaps, and use the mats on my alts. I also believe what most ppl do is sell unbound great leaps for gold and use the gold to either finance their honing or buy more mats.

both since i dont focus my time on either leapstones or basic mats (shards/blue/red) - at this point im down to nothing in terms of t3 upgrades (on alts i have a bunch of leapstones but no base mats) but for main i got nothing since i use them as soon as i get them

pushing alts from 1340 to 1370 is a MASSIVE material sink (even with the books and research) and it will take you multiple WEEKS of playing that alt to make those materials back!!!

T3 alts at 1325 are basically free (they take hardly any mats to get from 1302 to 1325 and can help your main straight away, allthough its not a lot of materials.

alts at 1340 help a bit more and can be leveled from 1325 to 1340 with only bound leapstones within about 5-10 days or so (havent done a calculation but i think thats what it took my last alt to do) while also not consuming a lot of tradeable crystals in the process.

so at the current state, 1325 and 1340 alts are the way to go IF you want to push your main exclusively!

1370+ alts will help with gold income but as mentioned before, they take quite the material investment to get and will hinder your mains progress for quite a while before making up for it.

as for your initial question:
1400-1415 has 2 ways to accomplish:

route 1 (the cheese but easy way):
push 2 items to +17 and have everything else stay at +12
(if you are really limited on time and mats, dont push the weapon as it takes a LOT of leapstones which will be your main bottleneck)

route 2 (the “normal” way):
push all items to +15
this will take more materials than route 1 but you will need to do it anyway for your push from 1415 to 1445 and onward.

so if you JUST want to hit 1415 quickly, go with route 1!

as for the time it will take you?
depends on your material source-opportunities.
if you still have ark-pass materials that you can redeem and do argos P3 and Oreha Hard every week to dismantle the crafting mats into leapstones you can probably make the push in 1-2 weeks.

if you dont have any “bonsu event” materials left to redeem it might take you 2-4 weeks depending on luck i would say.

those numbers arent calculated!!! just edjucated guesses, so take them with a grain of salt.

if you want to calculate it, go to and calculate the materials needed to make the push and then devide that by the average mats you gain per day (or per week)


If you have a limited amount of time to play i wouldnt suggest raising any more alts. They have their benefits in the long run, but in the short run they will stunt the progress of your main.

However if you want to take it a bit slower, it may be helpful to bring 5 alts total up to 1325 or 1340, so you can make that weekly abyssal gold. Gold can get you mats off the market, or blue crystals, whichever is more worth at the time in your server.

I tried to push an alt past 1340 and seriously regret that week lol.

I’m in the same boat and will probably be able to do it even with only 2 1340 alts and bad luck. Here‘s my list of activities :

  • chaos dailies + guardians (for guardians alts on rest bonus) on every t3 char

  • be in a guild (alt guilds) on all your t3 chars, buy mats AND (priority on main if blood stones are low) the punika chest for a chance at boss rush ticket =tasty but bound leapstones

  • when you run bosd rush always activate the una weekly for even more leapstones.

  • always do pirate coin and sea coin content, choose sun coins from the chests and exchange them for pirate coins (5k suncoins=over 100k piratecoins). With those buy guardian/destruction stones (weekly limit) on all your t3 chars and give them to main.

  • only do una dailies for leapstones on your main AND use the +1 una daily item from event every day to get some more leaps.

  • go fishing and craft basic fusion materials in your stronghold. It can proc and give you double the items

Good luck!


I dont get how you guys with alts aren’t already 1415… Amazon gave out so many mats with premium ark pass and events. I have 1 alt in T3 which is only 1325 and my main is 1410. I haven’t bought any gold and have had basically 1 character in T3 the entire time except for about a week ago when i got my first alt to T3 since majority of my time is spent playing on KR LA. I only play about 2 hours a day. Sometimes more on weekends but thats just side content and maybe lvling alts if i have time after im done doing all of my characters on KR. There is no quick way to get to 1415 aside from buying gold. If you’re 1400 right now, it will take you about 2-4 weeks depending on RNG to reach 1415.



There are some wrong advices around, i will give you the cheapest, most effective possibility according to your roster.

Disclaimer : this method isnt “perfect” due to the timeline until Valtan release to achieve OP
's demand

  1. dont touch a single alt except some book upgrade from guardian event if they expire before 19th.

  2. if you are full +12 : upgrade your gloves and an other armor piece from +12 to +17.

If you do that you will be exactly 1415.

Why ? When you upgrade from 1400 to 1405 you get 0.625 ilvl boost. But from 1415 to 1430 its a single upgrade, even if it is more expensive in mats its a 2.5 ilvl boost. One upgrade from 1415 to 30 or 30 to 45 = 4 UPGRADES.

  1. sell all your guardian leapstones.

  2. if when approaching deadline and you still didnt make it : sell your destruction stones as you wont upgrade your weapon for the 1415.

  3. it is cheaper to use a full honing mats boost on a single try than doing two regular trys when upgrading an item from +15 to +16 and above. (IMPORTANT : It is only the case if you buy the honing mats from Mari, the blessing and graces are way cheaper here than from auction. So every time she provides those be sure to buy crystals with gold and buy them from Mari).

  4. and of course like a lot of peole said, ensure that your main gets 3x5 GHL from una’s daily.

EDIT : for information im playing with a main 1445 and this method is what i used to push an alt to 1415.

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Hey all,

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:
I’ve seen multiple ideas and all of them have their pros and cons (as everything has).
After reading all of them and thinking a bit on what i can achieve during a play session, i believe that the best way for me would be to upgrade the 2 pieces and hope for rng.
@ueberzerker @Sethanor thanks for the detailed explanations but i have 1 question
Would it be better for me to try to upgrade the armor pieces that give the most defensive stats (chest armor and pants) ? Or do those take more mats than Gloves/head piece/pauldrons ?

@Ame Thanks for detailing the activities i can do in order to get more mats (i rarely use pirate coins or the selection chests that give coins) so its a good way for me to start using them. As for fishing … i rarely do any life skill activities (used to do some relic scavenge but once prices dropped i stopped).

To all others - i thank you for taking some of your time to share your ideas on this topic. Much appreciated :slight_smile: I will also use your way of thinking in the long run once everything is settled with the main.
Again, i appreciate you all for your insights on this!

Subnote: I will wait to get a response from the 2 people i tagged if they have the time of course.


armor pieces take the same amount of mats no matter which armor it is.

obviously armor from 12->13 is cheaper than 15->16 for example, but the armor slot doesnt matter.

there is a difference in stats on armor though (as you have already mentioned yourself) but im not sure (from the top of my head) which pieces are “more relevant” to dps-classes and which are better for supports.
i guess just look at the stat increas and it should be easy enough to see for yourself :slight_smile:

also, dont spend all your pirate coins in one place or just blindly convert all your sea-coin chests into pirate coins!!!
there are tons of things that will take quite a lot of sea-coins and pirate coins and those chest have been given quite freely with the recent events but we wont keep getting them this easily forever.

be vary of AH prices as it seems a MASSIVE increase in mat-prices has started happening over the last weekend due to people wanting to finish their upgrades for valtan!

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Thanks for your appreciation.

Just for you to understand why those specific pieces and no others :

At some point, cant remember if its +16 or +17 the bonus to you main stat (strength or intel whatever) is multiplied by 10.

But some pieces gives a base of like 60 strength and you get 600 from the big upgrade.

And gloves for exemple have a base of like 132 and gives 1320 if i reckon which is a dmg buff as big as two armor pieces.

If you play support you go for defensive parts.

If you play dps you go for statwise pieces like gloves helmet.

And one more tip, the reason why cursed doll and grudge are so popular is that the scaling on stats when you are 1415-1445 from the stat bump of +17 suddenly raise to heaven. From this point you will see huge dps difference between players without grudge and those that do play it.
When we were 1400 argos p3 it wasnt very relevant it becomes relevant fully on relic.


(About my last comment about engraving) this is why a lot of players from RU version were astonished to see players with those late game engravings in alaric and even in 1370 P1 argos.

For myself getting from 1400 to 1415 was relatively straightforward. first, target 17/17/13/12/12/11 (the 11 is the wep if you want to do it on the cheap).

Then I sold excess unbound materials, converted that to blue crystals and bought out all the blue/green solar enchanting mats that hit net 0 (so I sold enough to buy enough). The purple solars are too expensive imo so I ignored those. Then I honed with fully blue/green solars each time and took it slow. I have 2 T3 alts at 1340 so the income was fairly similar to when those materials would show up on Mari’s shop (I checked to ensure I was saving money using the shop every day).

This greatly increased my honing chances and got me from 1396 to 1415 in 8 days (two total resets basically).

Means you already had experience

  1. Its common knowledge anybody above 1415 plays this game 10 hours a day or more
  2. They are meaby whales that spend thousands of E or $ on gold and they just buy stuff from AH
  3. They have few separate bot accounts that are farming endless chaos on T3 24/7 and they send/drop all these mats to their other characters that are legit they send it to their main and delete the character that did send it
  4. They have few alts on 1370 and they just do everything every day
  5. Or they are just lucky mother…
    There is not other way its possible
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