Getting Warned in Kunga MM

So i just got warned in Kunga for using a flare??? I know ppl are toxic but this is the next level of it. Have anyone encounterd something like this?


ignore it. and ur probably not number 1 in party. social rule is 1 flare, 2-3, phero, 4 corrosive. but next time. tell them its MM and not to expect it


i just told a guy to throw flare or phero he said it’s mm so we voted to kick him


I don’t use items in Kunga and so far only met one dude who started malding about it

Cheapchads just keep winning


why dont you tell us youre party position first? “i got warend for throwing a flare” (literally shares half of the story). i noticed people throwing flare even tho they position 2, 3 or 4, and this without saying a word. if every1 used their brain and follow common sense then 1 = flare, 2 = phero, 3 = phero and 4 = bombs. it follows the logic and behaviour of the boss. If it flees 3 times it would be 4th phero as well. Then u have people writing in chat who are 3rd pos and write down Phero 1st? Absolutely not needed and only results in more confusion and unnecessary discussion in chat. Oh well, welcome to NA/EU where common sense doesnt apply i guess.

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ye but if u want everyone to use items. use party finder. although i’ve never had problems with people not using items in MM because someone else will. only in EU.

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Got kick once for using flare…the kick happen near the end of the fight. There are just super toxic ppl in the game.

Most player in MM really don’t try to enforce battle item usage. These that do are Karen and they sure use PF, but Karen are Karen. It is MM, not much one can do about it but move on

It’s a fucking guardian raid. If you’re trying to force people to use items, it better be a damn Party Finder run where you establish that shit before hand. If you MM you shouldn’t expect shit from anyone.


OP actually used an item and it’s still not ok because it’s not the “proper” item.


Happening more and more often.

The matchmaking police at mental.

Throwing flare when not #1 is robbing others of gold by forcing them to use more expensive items.

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To be fair I used to use items before this became a meme. Then I saw people going absolutely mental about it and realized that it is actually just mental illness like these people sperging out about item usage in matchmaking just can’t deal with the fact that they can’t control others.

If somebody is matchmaking they’ve got 0 rights to complain. You get what you get like if you get some guy with 2 engravings using up all 3 resurrects within the first 2 minutes then that’s what you get. Make your own party and then you can dictate the rules. The game was built in a way so that it accomodates pepegas who don’t even have pots (matchmaking) as well as more organized players (party finder).

If you go into matchmaking demanding other players to do the things you want them to do and policing it even though nobody has asked you to then it is you who is being an asshole.


Oh look they added a “Warn” button.

puts on police hat

I will use this button to now enforce my standards onto some randos in matchmaking! I am serving the community and I will shape it the way I want it to be!

Omega lul is there anything more cringe than people like that?

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Nobody is forcing anyone to do anything in match making.

I personally use items just to save time, but honestly I don’t care if people do or don’t if I Match Make my party.

People really need to quit trying to enforce rules on the match making system by being toxic and trying to kick people or malding.

Nobody looks at party number going into a Guardian.


Most people do on kung. On NAE at least.

You do know that in matchmaking, these rules don’t always apply, right (and in my experience, its never like that)?

I mean every party is different. Sometimes they write in the chat, sometimes no one talks and just randomly phero or flare, so you have to follow what they have decided.

I always write in chat what im gonna do, cause when I don’t do that, I most of the time end up flaring/phero at the same time of somebody else. People just don’t go by party number, this is why we usually all write in chat to be sure we don’t waste items for nothing.

Most absolutely do not.


While you are right, matchmaking is still group content. If majority of players agree to use battle items in that run and you are only one that refuses, you simply get kicked because they don’t want to play with you and that is also as ok as him not wanting to use items. Matchmaking is not some troll queue where everyone goes to do an inefficient run, no, it’s group content as any other and if the group you matched with has some other plans you either go along with those plans or leave/get kicked.

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Nah, matchmaking is a totaly randomized system. Its not a system to enforce to use battle item, nor to not using battle item.

If you/me (1 person) dont want to use battle item, while other 3 want to use, its simply that one person isnt macthed with 3 other with risk being warned or kicked.

Either if you want to use battle item, or if you “dont want to use” battle items. Simply go to PF and write down. FPPC or “No battle item run”.

MM isnt place for ppls who dont want to use or want to use battle item.

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