GG being in que for 5.5 hours to get stuck

And have to reque to a staggering almost 19k when you were number 2323.

Yeah…kinda just make you mad that almost not a single thing seems to get fixed other than the dupe thing.

I queued it at 12am and it is stuck at 2401 now. It’s 18:15, it’s impossible to play on the Europe servers. The incompetence of AGS knows no limits.

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you are lucky , i’ve been stuck 2 times today already

Yes, this is sooooooooooo annoying. Random connection losts. Requeue at the end, if you are able to re-connect and do not get a “heavy traffic” message.

well, queue to get into the queue is back

Get it right… impossible to play on CENTRAL EU servers at the moment…

EU West is fine

Yeah this is so neat…

Re qued in that almost 19k que, and down to 4199 im stuck again !!!

I never had this problem before the last server “maintenance”

I feel so bad for everyone of you guys playing on more populated servers like Asta :smiling_face_with_tear:
I have even started on a different server (Sceptrum) and all my friends are on Asta because of the queues. Since we all are nearly on T3 or at T3 we won’t be able to play together, since a new start on a different server all together would be losing everyone of us 150+ hours :sleepy:

Is this 2k que stuck some magic number or what? Because I got stuck from 10k+ to 2k+ already 2 times, it cant be coinsidence.