GHL Prices Tomorrow

Fellow Kunge enjoyers, what are your thoughts on the GHL prices tomorrow? I believe artist is the most hyped class so I am expecting a big jump. I know we are getting honing nerfs, but that stops at 1445 and we already have a hyper express event up to 1445 anyway. Beyond that is when it gets expensive. The 3 recent class releases have seen 90g+ for GHL in NAW, do you think we will see a similar spike for artist?

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I thibk they will be more expensive at the start of reset and more cheaper at the end of reset

Probably during the next weeks if the supply is not enough. Artist and gold nerfs, most ppl will hone some alts too. Fusion orehas already started going up.

Price should increase a bit. But expecting a lot is probably not happening. It’s been like 40g in EUC so if NAW is any similiar, 90g ain’t happening.

Depends on the players. I personally have been running kunga on x7 characters for 43 days straight so I’ve got all the GHL I need to push my artist easily to 1490 I won’t be touching the market for mine. At the same time everyone always said “nah no one will play artist look at the stats in KR there’s more bards” so according to the community no one gonna play her who knows. People are also panic selling due to the gold nerfs too.

Also keep in mind the frog is still here for 2 weeks as well that’ll impact heavily.

Actually I don’t think it will go up that much…

  1. Frog is still available
  2. New Event (Grand Prix) with Mats is available
  3. Gold nerfs will deflate the market at least a little bit
  4. We had a lot of time to farm
  5. Frog week 1 allowed some people to keep a lot of Roster Bound Mats that were supposed to be Character Bound (I bet some still have at least some of these just to use on artist, me included)
  6. F2P players already have their 6 Roster. I doubt everyone will delete a slot just to have artist on. I expect some to do it, but it’s doubtful more than 50% of F2P players will.

Honing rates changing and people planning for this hyper express have stockpiled. Prices will climb a bit but I wouldn’t expect a huge boom.

Frog still exists as well, so new characters have 2 weeks of buying frog materials
New Event
Ark Pass

Lastly many players already have 6 gold earners, not everyone was waiting on a 1445 PP to finally bring up another character past 1445, many players will likely be using this just for the Hyper Express rewards to make a 1445 Lopang alt.

We’re still riding a content drought… I wouldn’t expect to see any major uptick in material prices until more players are starting to push through the misery that 1550-1600 will be.

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