Ghost Ship 20+ people got memory lose of graphic card and kicked out of game, getting ghost ship locked for a week

I’ve just went for a ghost ship event, everything was ok, untli like 70% of last bar, suddenly everyone on ship had Communicate “Memory Lose”, everyone was kicked out of game, boss got enraged and was impossible to finish, we lost our weekly lockout on event. What is a point of doing lockout on entrance, instead lockout on kill ? And fix your game please.


Why does this game lockout for a week upon failure of this seems dumb?


Same here, so fail = wait a week ? Bug or feature ?

This is ridiculous, you gotta do it 12 times in total once each week in order to obtain the boat but in case it fails or you get dc you can’t get credit again for a whole week. This needs to change so it only counts when you kill the boss.

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