Ghost ship and nothing

today is my birthday, to celebrate I tell myself what better than a ghost ship. But to my dismay I did not receive any reward, I could not be more disappointed…

Welcome to the Lost Ark forum community and sorry to hear you’ve had this issue too :frowning: .

What is your character name and server name?

my caracter name is jhealtonboule on trixion

did you beat it, did you have contribution?

of course, I was in a group with a friend and he didn’t get anything either, by the way the other players in the area had the same problem

Thanks a bunch for the information!

Interesting that the other player had this issue as well. :thinking:
I’ve sent this over to the development team for you.

ok’ ty =)

No problem!

Some people did end up not getting loot from the Ghost Ship after contributing and beating it. It’s currently a known issue.