Ghost ship bug?

Hello, I did ghost ship last week and this too and doesnt matter what I do (even with group) I dont have the “requirement” to get the rewards even if I’m 1430 and I have 5x3 but I think I get all the rewards like always I don’t know if maybe is a text bug or something? it happened after the last maintenance, don’t know if anyone have the same problem

You lose very little if you dont get any contriubtion. Essentially if you DONT get the killing blow on any of the ghosts leading up to the boss, it wont give the “CREDIT” I believe it only makes you ineligible for not getting a little bit of silver and roster XP. Drops from enemies are INDEPENDENT of the “ranking” system (both if you contributed and the Plat/Gold/Silver/Bronze Status) and drops are given as long as you contribute enough damage to the boss.

Dont worry about the no contriubtion status message as you dont really lose much (what it is like a few thousand silver and a few hundred Roster XP that pops up in the window).

Essentially rewards in the pop up window for co-op events is what requires the contribution & ranking (higher ranks award a higher value).

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Oh didn’t know about that, then if its just more silver or roster exp I won’t mind about it, thanks!