Ghost ship claimed, but not defeated


So I wanted to share my experience with the Ghost Ship. In the first two weeks I defeated it without issues and now that my gear went up I tried the 960 one last lockout.

I wasn’t aware of any penalties when failing it or enrage timer. But I just tried to kill it along with a lot of others. Near the end of the fight when the boss had 1 bar left, everyone started falling like flies and the boss healed, while our numbers reduced greatly. I myself tried to stay until the end, since it just simply isn’t in my nature to just stop. I think we were about 5 people left max. So I got the quest failed notification and got teleported out. So by now I know that you can try it once a week, fail/success are both options. And you need some luck to complete it.

After doing more research and talking to customer support. I know now I should also be selfish and just leave the event midway, since then I am able to try it again later. So there are bound to be other people in that event as well, who do get locked out for their weekly reward. Even upon contacting customer support, no compensation was possible. Or having the lockout removed.

I hope this gets changed soon and compensation will be given still to players who had this happen to them.
The best solution would be to be able to re-enter after the event started.
Have the boss scale with the amount of players inside, if people leave.
And not put a time limit on it or have people just be able to claim the reward once a week, even if they fail.

I am still not 100% sure how the ghost ship works. But same as for abyssal dungeons, it was not a great experience for someone who doesn’t have pre-existing knowledge on the events.