Ghost Ship Claimed?

Anyone else having issues where game tracks ghost ship as being claimed even when not even doing event? Twice in a row.

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That’s strange, leumas88x. What is your server and what character are you on?

that’s not enough information. When it’s last time you’ve actually entered the ghost ship (doesn’t matter if completed)?

i’m with the same problem, my server is gienah from SA.
I have done it twice, one today and the other last week and none of them count

NA WEST Mari server, and it is on all my characters

last time would be probably a week ago. never done ghost ship the past two times and the compass is showing claimed

I had something like this in a Chaos gate, I didn’t get any shards from the minibosses, but I did get the final reward. I’ll try and find screenshots to post that later.

it is a once-a-week actiity. So if you are saying “probably week ago”, meaning you are not really sure, it’s possible you’ve done it already last Thursday. Claiming this week’s one already.

You already did it this week that is why. It is 1 time per week only. And in case you did not realize, lost ark week is Thursday till Thursday :hugs: