Ghost Ship: Eibern's wound reputation line bug

I’ve been having an issue with the Eiberns wound reputation line. Yesterday (around 16 hrs before making this post) I had completed the first segment out of three (using an Una’s daily task instant completion pass to complete the bleak night fog daily quest) that gives 7000 pirate coins as a reward.

Before claiming the reward I went on one of my alts and claimed the reward on the alt instead. The ‘claim’ button greyed out like it normally does but still had a yellow boarder around it as if it was still stuck being clicked. The icon for the 7000 coins also greyed out but the reward was not received.

I thought nothing of this and thought it was a UI bug and that I would eventually get the reward in the mail once my game caught up how ever it still has not been received nearly 24 hrs after the fact.

After I had claimed the reward, I also used 2 more Una’s instant completion passes on 2 other alt’s for the exact same daily quest. The passes were consumed and I cant remember if I had received the rewards for the daily quest itself on the alts but neither of these counted towards the reputation line.

-trouble with Eibern’s wound reputation line
-didn’t receive 7000 pirate coin reward from first of 3 segment
-used una’s instant complete passes for bleak night fog quest on 2 alts, quests didn’t register progress toward reputation line.

Did you use the 2 una completion tickets on alts on the same day? Because reputation can be counted only once a day……

You can only receiver reputation point once per day for one una task.
And for reputation reward is also once per rooster.