Ghost Ship Failed Attempt - Used Up Weekly Chance

Searching forums there are opposing information from even mod replies.

Here’s one saying it’s an service issue:

And here’s one saying it’s just end game content:

Can we get a confirmation if failing the ghost ship attempt indeed locks you out until weekly reset, and that it is intentional?

If you fail the encounter and the ship disappears, then this is working as intended.

You do know you can do the lower level ghost ship, if you’re wanting to unlock the Una task. You do not need to do the highest one, which is around the same ilvl as your character.


It’s not false, it’s 100% Internet facts!

But there’s this post: Ghost Ship Rewards are bugged


Players can check for 4 types of content through Procyon’s Compass (the widget that displays active content), or by accessing the Calendar in the top-left of the HUD for the full schedule. Activity times are based on the local time of the server’s region.

  • If you drop out or leave the area while participating in these activities, the reward counter will not increment and you will have another chance to earn a reward.

Those are official notes too. I don’t know if failing a run with a pug on a event, then locking you out for more attempts is proper. Nor is there any other content that I’m aware of which follows the same logic.

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This is all lies!! Do you believe everything you read on the Internet??? :thinking:

Its intended, but its a little lame to get locked for failing something that is an RNG group and your team could refuse to potion/feather or do zero damage and RIP weekly

How are you certain it is intended with official sources pointing otherwise? Fair point that they have sent mix messages.

Because it’s been that way on KR for like 3 years

I see, thanks for the confirmation.