GHost ship no loot

no loot from ghost ship but says i completed and had plenty of contribution


I’ve moved this to the support section so our support team can look into this further for you, they handle questions regarding loot!

Have a great day.

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how long does it take for an update usually

Hi @Shaggz,

My apologies to hear that for some reason you didn’t get the loot.

Please contact our colleagues in the customer support:

They will escalate your case with a ticket if is necessary and the specialist team will research into your case.

Once again I’m really sorry about the inconveniences this caused to you,

Have a blessed day. :leaves:

There has got to be a better way… they finally responded and said i got loot on 6/3 which was this weeks ghost ship… the day in question was 6/1 prior to the weekly reset on wed.
Spoke with rebaum in chat…
“You received x loot on 6/3”
The day in question was prior to weekly reset on 6/1 here is a link to the forum post with the screen shot…
“We will reopen your ticket”

…sigh why bother putting a link to the forum post as proof if they dont even bother clicking it.

still has not been resolved…

Chat attempt #2 12 days after ticket was created.

Ags customer service doesn’t understand english

You are now connected to Syed from

Me [9:11:31 AM] : Issue: Lost Ark - In-game issues: Missing Items

Syed [9:11:46 AM] : Hello, my name is Syed. I’m here to help you today.

Me [9:12:05 AM] : hello syed

Me [9:13:04 AM] : is there a way to escalate a ticket?

Me [9:13:50 AM] : i opened a ticket… waited several days and got a response that was incorrect

Syed [9:14:23 AM] : I regret for the inconvenience caused

Me [9:14:28 AM] : opened chat with rupam on June 5th… said he was reopening my ticket

Syed [9:14:33 AM] : Allow me a moment to look into this.

Me [9:14:36 AM] : now have not heard a word since

Me [9:14:45 AM] : i feel as though i was lied to and my ticket was never reopened

Me [9:15:03 AM] : either that or the amazon customer service i am used to is falling through the cracks at ags

Syed [9:17:17 AM] : Allow me a moment to look into this.

Syed [9:19:21 AM] : Thanks for waiting Jason

Syed [9:19:46 AM] : As I see here the ticket was reopened

Syed [9:20:05 AM] : the devs have resolved the query

Me [9:20:14 AM] : how so?

Me [9:20:23 AM] : i never received the loot i am missing nor a response

Syed [9:21:04 AM] : On thoroughly checked the game logs of the player’s account we found that the rewards previously mentioned are the rewards that the player received from their Ghost Ship run on 06/03. The timestamp on the logs shows they received them on 2022-06-03 04:06 UTC.

Syed [9:21:13 AM] : This is the response

Me [9:21:22 AM] : right! that is wrong

Me [9:21:35 AM] : that is after weekly reset and when i did the ghost ship again

Me [9:21:40 AM] : the missing loot is from 6/1

Me [9:21:56 AM] : i am really baffled how this is so difficult to get straight

Me [9:22:52 AM] : how on earth would you claim i received the loot i am missing on the ticket that i did 2 days after the ticket was created… i didn’t pre-make a ticket

Me [9:25:01 AM] : is there a number i can call or a supervisor i can speak to? this really should not be this difficult

Syed [9:25:16 AM] : Allow me a moment to look into this.

Syed [9:27:35 AM] : I will reopen the ticket

Syed [9:27:40 AM] : with the above details

Me [9:28:17 AM] : ok so it is getting reopened for a 3rd time?

Me [9:28:26 AM] : i am really losing any faith i had for ags

Syed [9:29:14 AM] : Yes

Syed [9:29:19 AM] : I request you to wait

Syed [9:29:29 AM] : and it will be resolved soon

Syed [9:29:37 AM] : Is there anything else I can help you with apart from this?

Me [9:30:01 AM] : ok i will wait again… please send me the logs to this chat. i will put it with the other 2 chats