Ghost ship rewards counted as claimed on leave/fail

This ghost ship issue is still not addressed.

So how do the players expect to clear the Ghost Ship Una daily…

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same issue, on server eu trixion just did and failed the 960 ship. says claimed and cant try again…even tho got no rewards at all
pls fix

What server did you experience your issue on:​
-What is your character name in Lost Ark:
-Describe the issue you are experiencing:
Failed the [960] Shadow Ghost Ship instance so everyone was leaving while participating and it counted as claimed rewards despite not receiving any…
I have found this:

So it’s a bug ! please fix fix this for my character! @Roxx

Same issue here, have not gotten Ghost ship rewards for the past 2 weeks because of failed raid using up the lockout.


Ghost ship just split the group of people outside and our group had less than 18. Naturally we failed when he went berserk with under 2 bars to go.

Is there any hot fix coming to make some adjustments to this issue? Locking players out of 1x a week, progressive content seems like it should be as high a priority as making t1 bosses easier, right? This thread goes back 14 days now, is there a reason no discussion has been brought forth on this issue?

Please add a correctif about ghost ship !

Same issue here, died in the ghost ship and it is marked as claimed

Server: Mari
Name: Doroblade

Happened to me yesterday as well.

Server : Wei
Name : Darora

Bump, got the same yesterday on pirate ship, we did 90% of his life bar, but ppl left and i couldn’t finish it, had to leave and it counted the boss as “done” for the week with 0 rewards, second time it happen on the 960 one.

Also some ship event randomly end after phase 1 or 2 in Feiton and Yorn, the next ship quest just disappear 10sec after it pops, before ppl can reach it.

Server : Trixion (EU)
Character : Bakudan

Happened to me yesterday as well. Please fix this because is frustrating to wait another week for this issue :confused:

Server : Neria
Name : Bombone

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Same issue
Server: Galatur
Name: Rakko


It was a confusing experience for me. Everyone was trying to kill the boss and it was almost dead, 1 bar remaining and then the boss kept healing and the amount of people reduced, making it even harder to deal enough damage. If someone leaves during the event, they have another chance? If someone resurrects outside, can they enter? I have a lot of questions about this and it is not very clear. For me it says I claimed the reward, but I did not kill the boss.

Same issue
Server: Mokoko
Name: Carinne

I’m feeling like the devs don’t know either huh.

Mismo problema, no conseguimos matarlo y ni recompensa y poder volver a hacerlo

Same issue
Server: Sirius
Name: Bruhlin

Server: Enviska
Name: Vorpalferret

I was zoned into an ilvl 960 Ghost Ship instance with only 2 people in it even though I saw 10+ people outside the ship on my channel. The other guy and I got the boss down to 7 bar in 10 minutes, then he left. I stayed until I got booted out and it counted my failure as me “claiming” the reward.

Same here, the whole group wiped and it ended in Berserk.

Server: Sirius (EU mid)
Name: Anallena.

This shit is big yikes

Im lock from ghost ship
Server: Kazeros
Name: Turboz

Same issue. Tried my first 960 - left as there were 5 people trying to complete and it was an obvious wipe. I’m so annoyed that I’m now locked out for the rest of the week.

Server: Enviska
Name: Trydenn

Same issue on 960 Ghost Ship.

Zoned in, was 3 of us, no chance to kill the boss, I finally took a death at 9bars left, release to ship, now locked out as it says reward claimed.