Ghost ship Rework

i would recommend to change Ghost Ship a little bit.
Today i encountered something i joined a Ghost Ship at 17:01 so 1 minute after it spawns and got thrown in a new instance.
To kill this Boss solo as Blue Gunlancer its not doable^^.
Then i did like the other event porting out to wait 1h for a new one with more people, but i realized my entry was allready taken.
Change this to "entry taken by boss kill " not “enter ship”.

It’s also once a week with cube like rewards. So underwhelming…

Thank you for feedback! I’ll send it over to the development team.

What rewards would you like to see? I’ve seen a few suggestions in other threads.

How about Fused Leapstones tho?? :eyes:

Instead of dropping bound honing supports that increase honing chance by 0.3% for 1 tap, fused leaps would actually be exciting.

OR maybe as a more far fetched idea, a special type of honing support item that increases the honing chance by an amount until the honing succeeds. Only obtainable through ghost ships.

Something worth the effort. People sending ships to get rid of cube tokens, because rewards aren’t worth 5 minutes to make it done.

  1. Fused leaps sound fine
  2. quality upgrade orb x5
  3. juiced card packs ( blue - purple - legendary ones ) + card exp
  4. gold
  5. random selection lege/relic sailor chest
  6. sea coins in large quantity

Take your pick Centeotl.

Is it possible to get another entry for this week ? Lost my entry bc there werent enough people and i left.

Oh yess. I totally agree with this. If possible not just ghost ship but every raid dungeon abyss island legion etc too

Unfortunately I cannot grant entries.

its okey hope this will be changed in the future. hate when ghost ship is empty and not doable = losing entry

Thank you for your feedback.