Ghostship Event

The way the Ghostship event is set up feels frustrating and nothing else. If you can not or do not play during peak hours You can’t complete the Ghostship event and I think that is very unfortunate. I believe the way it is designed by the devs punishes people who can not or do not play during peak hours for absolutely no reason. Getting one shotted by the boss and forcing to use plumes if you do one mistake is also absolutely ridiculous.

Yes You can use healing potions but how does that help if you get stuck in animation and can not make it out of the red circle of death in time if it oneshots You?

Is there no way it could be changed so it doesn’t favor when you play instead of how you play? I just simply can not fathom why it forces you to use plumes especially when it is unsure if You can even complete the event with the amount of people you have with you. It simply is just plain frustrating and not fun to waste 20+ plumes and your time to get nothing out of it if there is not enough people online i.e in the morning.

Ghost Ships happen 3-4 days out of the week and are every hour on those days. There’s a lot of opportunity to get it done.

As for the difficulty, there’s unfortunately not much to say aside from either put more focus on dodging than damage, space out your revives to save plumes, or just work towards getting Eibern’s Wound and a crewmate that gives you a big boost during the fight.

Sounds like you aren’t playing on a populated server. Also, if you have Berald as a crew member on the ghost ship you pretty much never die unless you get chain feared, which you still most likely wont die. You guys on the forums really need to look up stuff if you don’t know instead of heading here trying to get nerfs.

I play on a populated locked server. When you play - as I stated in the original post, in the morning when there are fewer people logged in you can’t clear the event which is due to bad game design is frustrating and unnecessary. Also, having to go through thousands of posts on forums doesn’t seem reasonable to be able to clear content and it doesn’t help if there aren’t enough people doing the event in the first place.

Yet again misread or missed my point on if you get caught in an animation (bad timing because the event is not scripted to be exactly the same every time, only phases are) and you die and the game forces you to use plumes doesn’t solve the problem either.

The whole point is that not everyone can play when ever they want nor does everyone play every single day, so having time gated events which are only clearable if you have this+that+this+that+this is just simply frustrating and pointless for specific individuals for absolutely no reason. It would make more sense if these events scaled to the amount of players doing that event especially if servers end up dying and you can’t transfer to another one at the time.

Simple: having trouble doing ghost ship?
Get the ghost ship and a sailor with lvl 4 buff.
20+ plumes is a lot btw and this shouldn’t happen even when you don’t have the ghost ship. So I’ll add an additional git gut to it

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Ohh I haven’t heard that yet.