Giant Mushroom Island turning material is incorrect (wrong item)

You apparently can’t turn your Giant Mushroom stems in exchange for the exp potions.
Instead, it is asking for Sturdy Timber

this hasn’t been fixed yet

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Giving this a bump. I was wondering what I was supposed to do with the Giant Mushroom Stems and came across this thread. This seems like a pretty quick fix… Please address the bug.

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Yeah sorry, seems like Amazon Games don’t give a damn?

Still no fix after 2 updates. WTF, AGS?

Hello, apologies that this thread wasn’t seen sooner. I’ve passed this over to the team. Thank you.

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I see this marked as solved over a month ago, still an issue.
Not the only thread on this just the only one with a cm response.

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You are absolutely right. I thought it’s going to be fixed and marked it as solution too quickly without getting a former response of the devs, that it is indeed not fixed yet.

What did the team say about the mushroom island?