Gift and Founders Pack 40+ days no feedback

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It’s been around 38 days from the initial delivery/deadline of the Additional Founders Pack/Celebration Gift Pack, and to this day we still have people that haven’t received and to the thread opened by the CM hasn’t received an official reply or feedback for OVER 28 DAYS.

The support has little to no training, every time I reach out I have to go through the issue over and over, and to this day I haven’t got neither my pack or a tangible estimative/answer.

Can ANYONE from the Community Management, Mods or Staff in general at least answer or look into this issue? This is not only disrespectful but unprofessional. @Roxx answers her DMs on the forum regarding any other issue, I bring up this thread and she goes radio silence, how the hell do you want to keep a healthy community if you don’t even care enough to give us a “We are still looking into that or We are aware”, even though you don’t give a sh*t and is clearly not even looking into the issue.

Can we PLEASE have someone WORK on bringing us our OWED packs as it’s not a GIFT it’s a COMPENSATION for the lack of preparation you had delivering this crap that lagged for the whole 3 first weeks? :smiley:

To this day I have friends that received duplicated packs and still have their items, you aren’t even candid with us, saying that you dealt with the duplicated stuff. Anyways, ANYONE? LITERALLY, ANYONE?

@Sandovall @Shadow_Fox @Seawolf @Roxx @Maselbart ???..

Yeah, and it gets worse :confused: : Amazon will take your money, not give you what you pay for, and then ignore you indefinitely

I sincerely hope AGS closes down and some other more experienced company picks up the publishing rights for Lost Ark.

It’s such shame to see this game failing at pretty much every aspect, from translating names, to support, to countless bugs that came with AGS decisions.

@Roxx is by far the worst CM I’ve seem. She answers you almost immediately when you come to her with any question, then you bring up the thread that she was answering and hadn’t receive a feedback/comment from AGS in over 30 days, and she goes radio silence. Literally picking by finger what to look at and sharing everywhere that the Community Management on AGS/Lost Ark is doing an amazing job. Just pathetic.

Lmao ok Karen