"Gift" feature disabled or?

I tried to gift a skin to a friend and I realized that the button is grey (unavailable).


This was working until a few days ago, in my guild they confirm to me that it is the same for them, is it the same for others? Is it a general problem?

I have the impression that the feature has been disabled by accident.

Yes, it is currently disabled. This is intentional.

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Yeah its with all the Charge/Back Stolen CC issue. If anything in the shop can be purchase with Stolen CC to make gold or items worth gold and transferred to another account, then they are trying to stop the abuse by disabling and/or delaying some transactions by up to 3 days in order to combat this. Unfortunately side effect.

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Sorry, I hadn’t read it.
Is there an ETA for when it will be fixed and activated again? or still not? However, I will wait for you to reactivate it thanks.

Any other F2P deals with the same stuff and doesn’t have to restrict legit players the way they do tho. Anything can be bought with stoles CC cards. Do you want to get your groceries 3 days late or your new phone because it could be bought with a stolen CC ? :smiley:

Ah, if you want to gift someone then give them a steam giftcard. Yes everything a normal CC can buy can be bought with a Stolen CC, since the seller can’t tell if the CC used was stolen or not. Is that the sellers fault for not running a background check on EVERY buyer making a purchase? Or every CC company for not texting the right owner if the transaction was valid before they released the funds? Why would my groceries and my new phone be bought with a Stolen CC? You have to ask yourself, how many Chargebacks the company might have faced in order for them to make this drastic option and incur the inconvenience its player base. If grocery purchases had a massive amounts of Chargeback, do you think the company would just sit back and take the loss? If I had to wait 3 days to use CC to make a grocery purchase, I would just use Cash instead. sheesh.