GigaMegaWhal3 has crafted LVL 1 TIGER KING

you wont make + 6 before me!!!

Isn’t it relatively easy to get level 1 or even 2 Sidereal weapons by just clearing Brel G6 hard (2x, 5x, 10x) for up to 3 essentially free (minor silver cost) Sidereal Energies?

The real whaling comes after level 4 which requires an ancient +25 weapon and I think past 5 requires you to buy the actual energy off the marketplace (assuming you’ve been farming Brel like crazy for the phantom intentions).

Yes, and i will beat tiger king to it

okay but who asked

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Replying shows that you care about my journey to +6 gigawigufligu shandi wep

Didnt say i didnt care, i hope you have a successful journey.

I was simply wondering who asked.

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