Gineah Coin Weeklie Bugged

Just logged in and have my guild weeklie already completed

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I am having a similar problem. Last week, my guild had Boss Rush, Hazardous Waters, and Gienah’s Coins for the tasks. This week, I picked Boss Rush, Cube, and Gienah’s Coins.

The Gienah’s Coins task is normal and has the regular first complete, but Boss Rush is showing up as a repeat.

same, plus my normal weekly did not reset aswell i can only obtain 1 weekly quest after that it says una tasks did not reset
edit: my all guild quests did not reset like King0Milk

Same problem, just logged in, took weeklies for my guild and Gienah’s Coins was already flagged as [Repeat].

Just Boss Rush didn’t reset for me. Everything else reset for me.

I found another post that might be related to this bug:

I believe I completed a Boss Rush weekly task yesterday.

It seems that this problem is related to the change in weekly reset day.

Made a megathread for it since I’ve seen a few different posts.

I have the same issue too on my characters.
@Roxx can you please look into it.

Same for me

i posted in game support also.

Same Problem here, ASTA Server