Give a purpose to leftover shards

Just hit Tier 2 and have some harmony shards left over. Would be great if you could sell them for silver or something, since you cannot use them on other characters.


33k shards and 150 leap stones that will do nothing.


Upping this.

Got like 40k life shars after hitting t3, 100 life leapstones and a bunch of t1 mats aswell.
At least make the roster bound, or make some way to convert crystals etc to higher tiers.

Idk, just some ideas but it kinda sucks having all those shards go to waste, it’s alot of gold value going to absolutely nothing…


same, need to be bound to account.



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Absolutely, seems no reason why this is not the case.

I can understand them not wanting you to be able to sell the bound mats, but at least make it so you can use them roster wide.

I made the mistake with the Shards thinking they were roster bound due to them sharing the same listings with currency.

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YES!!! !!! yes

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so yeah i just found out aswell that you cant use you shards on all characters together and i have 60k harmony and 78k Lifeshards leftover which is completly retarded, who thought of this bullshit holy fuck. this game really wants players to leave.

I wich you could just transfer the shards to an alt, why make you farm even more when i have like 40k shards over from the main char. So its useless now then…?? I think this is a bug in the game.
Solve this please.!!

As if they took players feedback in consideration, unless it was hurting them in a way.