Give Assassins better Omen Pants

It literally looks terrible right now with the exposed thighs, just give us the option to toggle this, gunslingers have the exact same model but with actual pants and not bikini wear. It’s not sexy looking it just reminds me of swimwear from the 1960’s…



You can swap out the omen pants for other pants…? If you don’t like part of a set you can always either not get it or use a different part from another set. The big issue is we don’t have many skins to have options for mix and match.

Wait, do we want to see boobs and thighs or not? D:

Yeah sure but it’s a perfectly nice skin set ruined by some dev who thought “oh if we expose thighs it’ll look sexier”. You can literally see the zero effort put into differentiating assassins pants vs gunslingers. The laziness is just blatant.

And yes the lack of other skins really sucks now too.

I think it looks a little silly myself. But it’s what the devs made. Just wait till some cool pants come out or try some of the ones you can get atm.

Sure if that’s you’re cup of tea and if it’s actually done with a modicum of actual thought and design. Just ass and boobs for the sake of showing skin looks terribad.

Well to me it looks perfect :frowning: i guess there is no possible to make everyone happy x.x

But there is, just implement a toggle to show skin or keep pants on, a simple choice we never thought we’d have to make in an mmo!

The toggle is put different pants on. I’m sorry you don’t like it. I don’t like the fact I can’t hide the giant shoulders on the sorc set. So I’ll either buy it and deal with it or not buy it.

I actually just hid the pants on my character, it looks better with the armour bottoms imo, even though they’re supposed to go under a skirt. :rofl:

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Im pretty sure it’s not so easy to do

That looks pretty good, cute assassin btw. :3 ehemm I mean deadly…