Give EU a better compensation for changing servers and enduring broken servers

1- For founders, give the entire founder pack back
2- Give twitch drops to people that got them
3- Give compensation for the time we lost due to ridiculous queues, the fact matchmaking doesn’t work at all and for store/aura that was off most of the time

Also, how can AGS not realize that they are doing a bad PR against an entire region?


We are a subpar region and lesser human beings for them, just look at the compensation NA gets for much less inconvenience.


I get that many people had bad time waiting but still remember that the game is free to play.
So if they just give compensations and gifts they lose alot of money i dont think thats gonna happen, but for the twitch drops i agree they should redo them once more or just to add some new ones for those who wasnt able to get them, just like me playing from day1 in EU and i got just last 2 drops today even if i was claimed them all in twitch i didnt got them.

4 of my friends uninstalled the game, gave bad review since they saw “solution”. Soon this will be new world 2.


I just want my entire plat founder on the new region and twitch drops. And I would gadly move from my 970ilvl char to start on a new server


Since EU doesn’t have an Asmonwhatever to talk shit about AGS to 200k people on stream, it wont. AGS is happy with the game being only good in NA



Dont worry they gave Galatur compensation, so all us in EU should be happy


Make server transfers available for free for a week and transfer EVERYTHING. Done!

I kind of disagree with your arguement of the 3rd point. I can see a point for the lost time on the aura but not for the missed entrances on abyssmal dungeons. It’s free content and you simply lose character progression. There is literally no value behind that except that you are stuck on “older” content.
You don’t even lose time in the game because there is tons of other content you can do while doing the weekly stuff early on saturdays or sundays.

EU needs compensation. They gave some to a single NA server for a minor issue, meanwhile EU cant play at all and even when logged in you lose your Aura and you cant matchmake.


When will people understand that you are infact getting the full founders pack? the ONLY thing that IS NOT included is the supply cache that gives a couple battle items every 10 levels. all the other stuff that you THINK isnt included is already accountwide across all regions and servers, this includes your crystalline aura and cash shop currencies.

The Royal crystals youre getting with this bonus founders pack is literally a BONUS ontop of what you already have with your original founders pack.

I moved from EU to NA and my crystalline aura and cash shop currency and everything else from my founders pack carried over MINUS the exclusive skin/pet/mount.

Can people just learn to read and quit spreading misinformation?


The 3rd point is more for the aura. But we can think of it not as character progression. But lets imagine someone that comes out of work, sit in queue for 4hours and cant do content because matchmakign is not working.
Also, even getting solo inside raids, chaos, tower have problems

When will EU be compensated? Looking at what Galatur got vs the middle finger we got is vile


This is my plat founder

And this is what they are offering me

Where is my character slot? 30 days crystalline aura?


To add insult to injury I just got told missing aura time wont be compensated


the crystalline aura is already active on your entire account across all regions and servers. as i said, i moved from EU to NA with my existing and active crystalline aura. When youre on the main menu screen where you select a server you see “Crystalline benefits active” this means you have it everywhere. why is that so hard to grasp? Just try going onto a different server, on the same and/or a different region and make a char and you will see you already HAVE THE AURA THERE. The same thing applies to your royal crystals. you have that everywhere and the 1k youre getting from the bonus pack is a bonus. Why the F you want another one?

Unfortunately if you use the 7,000 royal crystals to buy blue crystals during access anticipate (like me) you won’t get them back if you switch servers, which means losing the equivalent of 60 euros of royal crystals and in compensation they give me 1000 royal crystals… (sorry for my English I’m French:p)


I have no idea why you trying defend AGS, but lets go

1- You said nothing about the character slot, which mean you realized they are not giving it. So we are, in fact, as stated losing stuff.
2- People payed for 30 days crystalline aura. And until now is either queue or aura not working at all, but the time is getting consumed. So at least restart the time.
3- People have twitch drops that they spend their time to get, we want that if we move

We just want everything we had in day 1 in the new region, it is not that hard to understand or too much of a request for trillion $ company.


Mate im not going to dig around several announcments and shit to find you the information just because youre incapable of reading, research and comprehension like many others.

Never did i say, that having lost time or bugged auras wasnt a problem. I was merely stating that they arent robbing you of half your pack you initially paid for like many claim they are, because a lot of those items such as the aura and royal crystals are active gamewide so they dont need to give you another one because youre still benefitting from the intial one you got.
Theyre even offering you a steal in the cashshop in the form of 6 months of crystalline aura for 11$ if you buy the lvl 50 completion pack for 1100 royal crystals.

Im not defending AGS, the company is an embarassment in my eyes. But people cant even differentiate between a developer and a publisher and in lost arks case AGS is merely the publisher, aka the distributor of the game for the western world. development of this game is not in their hands and im sure they have contract stuff going on with smilegate prohibiting them from some stuff in regards to changing the gamefiles etc. other regions to this day dont have a character transfer and i doubt smilegate is gonna magically whip one out for the sake of the western region.

It doesnt matter what solution is being presented to you guys, the majority of you only hates just to have something to hate, while many are incapable of reading and comprehension of what theyre reading, and incapable of differentiating terms like publisher and developer.
If they did suddenly whip out a character transfer you people would most likely continue your hate paroles on the forums just because you hate AGS. You would find a different reason to complain up a storm on forums. all these hours and energy youre wasting on the forums to cry about this matter is valuable time you could have spent by bailing onto a new server, take the compensation theyre giving and working on bringing up a new character. Honestly by now youd probably be even more advanced than your main.


Bro, you’re talking about the crystalline aura, but for people like me who spent the 7,000 royal crystals to buy packs of blue crystals during access anticipate and switched servers because my friends couldn’t make it to my original server that was shut down.

I will receive a platinum pack with only 1000 royal crystals which makes me lose 6000 crystals, which represents 50 euros in the cash shop so half of my original platinum pack that I would no longer use because on a server where I no longer play, So yes, I’m going to lose half of my 100 euros from my platinum pack because not everyone keeps their 7,000 royal crystals without spending them as AGS seems to think.

I don’t want to hate for nothing, I just want my original pack, and instead they can delete everything I got from the first pack even the characters if they want, I don’t care.
Because for now, I’m going to lose no matter what happens 6,000 royal crystals. (And I’ve been watching all the official discussions and announcements) But if you’ve done better research and have a better comprehension, please tell me I’m wrong and I’m not going to lose anything…