Give me a reason to spend $750+ in two days

As a mini dolphin I’m looking for a reason to blow $800 on all the black friday packs and the thanksgiving and regular blue crystal packs in the shop currently. But a few things are currently bothering me.

Disconnects - why can’t you fix this? That is worrisome, and a reason to keep my wallet closed.

Auction house - I can’t even navigate through the auction without getting error after error after error its quite infuriating. Why can’t you fix the auction house?

That’s all. I’m not mad about the pheon thing, I’m not mad about shadowhunter. I forgive you.

I don’t know if I can open my wallet this week though.


“exclusive cosmetics” “ultimate savings bundle” “solid savings on Lost Ark basics”

Disclaimer: all in-game items have no monetary value


do not spend $750 to RMT for much better value :smiley: (~4.5M gold for US west)

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You really wanna give them money after all the shit right now?

  1. Disconnects?
  2. Region where SH is just… pure black grey shade on her?
  3. Auction house barely works
  4. Pheon thing?

You STILL wanna give them money? lol


Just don’t. :smiley:


If you have to try hard to find a reason to spend, that’s probably a good indication you shouldn’t. Spend the money on IRL things instead, there are Black Friday sales everywhere.


because you personally want to spend it ? ill still spend hundreds again on ark regardless

I’m also debating to spend 300 that day because those packs are so worth it but overall game experience has been terrible since the last reset. Constant disconnects, auction house is a pain to use, completely disregard on all forum posts about the hideous shadowhunter look. Ive already spent a lot on this game but feel like it may die quite soon.

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You dont know if your alive until you wake up, spend each day without regret, yolo, money is temporary, experiences are forever.

The more people who take a stance against AGS and not spend a penny, the more likely the outfits will be rare and you can feel better in the virtual world.

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After this past few days you still want to spend money? Damn you out of your mind


I mean why even spend it, the packages are all hot garbage. Trash costume and a bunch of mats you don’t need if you just play the game even somewhat daily.


just buy the character slots if you dont find good reason to spend these are the most value purchase if you use them

only reason to spend $750 is when you’re held hostage to playing this game and AGS made it so that you have -100000 pheons.

here’s a better idea. don’t waste that much on such garbage package that’s literally a scam and don’t listen to who tells you “here’s the total value you get if you buy it” suddenly people are supportive when it comes to being scammed off their money.


It’s 125+ costco chickens!!! But yeah, I hear people older than me saying they wished they spent their money for investing in real estate, etc (Note: do not blindly invest). But if you are already financially stable and able to retire, it’s your money :stuck_out_tongue:

That is an excelent way to make them consider disconnects priority lol

I hoped that Royal Crystal Packs would have a sale, but oh well…

Where can i invest 750$ in real estate :joy:

LOLOL. Gotta continue saving up from all expenses (food, entertainment, etc) and hope it adds up to something after a certain amount of time xD But with that little, probably start out with real estate investment trusts, and build up upon there. Not my area of expertise, but I personally know people who earned alot (became multimillionaires) from almost nothing from dabbing into real estate. Easier said than done i think.

I love this Thanksgiving skins but now I’m reconsidering to buy it after all the shit. I really worry about Lost Ark. I don’t want to put my money in the shit game any more.

I rather you pay those botter with how much fucked ags do so far
You get more gold too, worse case you get like a few days vacation