Give me a reason to spend $750+ in two days

Relax. If not this week, next week you will open :slight_smile: You forgive so easily that in a moment you will forget how you were treated. There will be smiles, handshakes and the spending of fat sums. More of these :slight_smile:

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you answered your own question

to flex on the poors?

you should get yourself a switch or something and maybe play a game that actually works

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Not a single reason… Don’t.

200% Value ! buy now yes? fast or it will be gone!

its all matter of knowing when to enter and when to leave on top of having some trusted inside info :slight_smile:
if person without any contacts in sayed “buissnes” hear about it its only a way to lose money at that point :stuck_out_tongue:

Easy reason if you love the game as I do. I don’t have disconnects though and no pheon problem🤗

Players shouldn’t be giving money to any company at all until they fix their game/service.
By now Korea is supposed to have emergency meeting in the middle of the night to find a solution that could be rolled out within a day or two. This is not some charity that we’re running here, everyone is getting paid - by the players.

But gamers are dumb like that, doesn’t matter which platform they are on, they let companies walk all over them and still they keep acting like they own stock in the company or it is the best thing since sliced bread. I never understood that mentality, never will either.

Time is money…


better give it to me, would be less wasteful

See how easy it is to get a loyal paypig playerbase? Just buy publishing rights and go ham
The funniest part is calling meaningless resources “very worth” cause they cost more monies within the game. Totally worth bro

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Sell some trash u wont need cuz its in bundle and its 50% cheeper! Works 99% of times.

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they dont get any money untill they stop treating us like garbage.

Give you a reason?
If you came to the forum and created a topic that you want to spend 800$ but AGS or us should give you a reason then you already decided that you will spend 800$.

If you want to give money for AGS because they cant fix the DC problem, cant solve the bot problem, we slowly cant use AH, then its your money, give it to them.

As @JabuJabu said, they treatening us like garbage, why should I spend a single cent on them?

I think i would not spend money on those packs. They are not my taste. I have that kind of costume from MH rise for free. It kind that meh for me.

After their recent performance people still want to log in AND give them money??? Yeah, that’ll teach them. I hope they learn…

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funny thing
for that amount of money you could have 3-4 years abo + everything worthwille from WoW shop :slight_smile:
prolly would be enough for couple boosts to :wink:

anyway i hope mats from this event will carry your progres for a bit :wink:

The bundles mostly aren’t good value. There’s too many unrelated things that most people wouldn’t buy to begin with.

I’m dropping a couple g’s on packs and skins this Friday. I want to promote a game I have gotten so much playtime and value from.