Give me a reason to spend $750+ in two days

How about you take that money, spend it on some nice items as tokens of appreciations for the people in your life you care about and that you love and a nice family dinner either at home or some nice restaurant and not a bunch of pixels in a dead game

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Why would you want to spend $800 on this mess of an game :joy:

I have enough money to do both and I also donate to charities.

You can buy PS5 instead if you don’t have 1 yet.

no one was talking to you. it was directed at OP

lmfao out here spitting out bs. these people already have capital from their parents

thats the dumbest topic ive seen in a while. Imagine still giving them money for f**** your a**, no wonder they dont improve in anything if they still get away with this

Lol, they fortunate they don’t have any student debt (30-40% of undergrads), or they already paid it off xD Or in debt [less than 25% of Americans are debt free]

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